Tominaga Kisaki (spoiler- only for those who don’t plan on reading Hiyokoi or have read up to Ch.18)


I have decided. My favorite character in Hiyokoi is Kisaki.

She may be hated because she is Hiyori’s love rival. She may be hated because she’s one of those “perfect people” in manga that are made fun of. She may not be as pure or honestly kind as Hiyori, and she isn’t perfect (remember what she asked Hiyori to do).

What she did for Yuushin and Hiyori is unbelievable. She loves Yuushin that much but gives up on him because she knows that Yuushin will eventually realize that he loves Hiyori the most and she wants the best for them. And so she leaves the game quietly.

What strikes me the most is her story of getting Yuushin’s second button from middle school graduation. I cannot believe that she would give it to Hiyori. That is the single most sweetest thing ever. My heart was twisting through the whole chapter. These heart wrenching moments in shoujo, I think, is what makes shoujo so amazing. Love can making you happy like nothing else, but it can also make you feel pain like nothing else. Shoujo is all about romance (they go hand in hand), but what makes it great is that it also includes familial love, friendship love and other kinds of love as well. Shoujo is not shallow.


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  1. whoa.. thanks for this.. i never would have expected that kisaki is capable of doing such thing.. i thought that she is actually a bitchy person, dedicating her life to making sure that hiyori and yuushin wouldn’t be together..

    that just goes to show that first impression don’t always last. ^^

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