All I want for Christmas…


… is you ♥

3 days till Christmas!! So far, no plans of celebration have been made. This is sad…

In honor of all the lucky people out there who has someone who loves them, here is a list of must-watch Christmassy episodes from anime affiliated with romance (a.k.a. shoujo, but there are a few exceptions)!

Love Hina Christmas Special

Toradora episode 19

Warning: a very sad episode (or so I’ve heard from multiple sources)

Haven’t watched it myself, but I am going to.

Card Captor Sakura episode 35

I am a Syaoran x Sakura shipper, so this episode doesn’t make me go nuts (since it’s about Yukito) but it’s a cute Christmas episode from one of my all time favorite anime!

Kimi ni Todoke episode 22

Watched the first few episodes of this anime. Incredibly shoujo, I must say, but very sweet :) Am looking forward to watching this episode!

Love makes you happy like nothing else… Of course, it makes you sad like nothing else but we’re going to ignore that for now. I will be reviewing each of these episodes later. Merry Christmas everybody!


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  1. I included Cardcaptor Sakura on my Christmas list too :) Marmalade Boy had a holiday episode, but I didn’t care for it much so I didn’t include it. I haven’t watched the Kimi ni Todoke anime, but I read the Christmas story in the manga and it was sweet.

  2. i love kimi ni todoke!!! but im reading the manga…you should read the manga too!! it’s so much better>_<

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