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Clannad and Hyouka- Comparing first impressions


Hey, my friend is making me watch Fullmetal Alchemist (which is pretty good, by the way) and this reintroduction to anime (after months of abandonment) has motivated me to reboot my blog. So you can thank my friend for that. My other friend, however, introduced two animes to me over the year. One is Clannad, and the other is Hyouka. She gave me a few episodes, and I found myself laughing and analyzing how similar my first impressions for both animes are. So here it is. The detailed comparison of the first episodes of Clannad and Hyouka. It’ll probably take me forever to finish watching Hyouka and I’ve only watched one season of Clannad, so I won’t try and compare the two animes as a whole.

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Catching up…


Hey! I’m back! Btw, iireadmanga I condensed your daily posts into one wishlist. :) Thanks for all your help! I lied. I didn’t do naniwrimo this year. I didn’t have any ideas I could really stick with. So I just focused on school.

So… It’s this time of year again :) Christmas is here! I don’t really feel it yet because I’ve been stuck in boarding school this past time and I’ve been cut off from all the usual festivities that go on in cities and stuff. I will soon, when I fly to Hong Kong this weekend :)

Spending this winter break living and breathing my beloved city… and catching up with all my old friends, whom I haven’t seen in AGES!! I’m so excited!

Anyway,  I will try to do some anime reviews and stuff later on, this is just a brief catch up post. :)


Bumping the blog!


Hey y’all! Its been awhile since the blog’s been updated. Sorry about that.

Well, I’d like to get to the point — I’ll do a quick review of the 50-minute anime “Black Rock Shooter.”

It was pretty epic, if I do say so myself. Kind of confusing at parts, but all around awesome. The ending was a serious cliff-hanger. But good news! The creators of the OVA might be continuing it next month. I’m excited.

I liked that girl with the odd looking hair. (Its been a week and I’ve already forgotten all the characters’ names…) And the main girl. Not so much that girl who pops in at the middle of the series. I liked the art and story alot, too. Not much I can say, with it being such a short anime. And I forget most of it.

So, I’ll probably write more when the rest of the series is out.

See y’all later!


Let’s read Gakuen Alice ^_^


It’s been weeks since my vacation started… But it was only until now that I realized that I haven’t posted anything for We <3 Shoujo o_O I’m really really sorry…

Anyways, I’m here now writing an advertisement: Read Gakuen Alice! (for those who haven’t ^_^)

I never realized that Gakuen Alice is a really good story that it quickly became one of my favorites (second to Cardcaptor Sakura!). The romance, the comedy, the thrill, the mystery… No wonder I like it that much ^_^

I watched the 26-episode anime just a week ago, and after that, I started with the manga (from chapter 1). I was really looking forward to every chapter that I actually finished all 153 chapters in a week! Now I’m waiting for the new chapters… I really can’t wait! It’s already the final arc and and… *speechless* :))

Mikan and Natsume's kiss at the balcony... aaawwww....

But the best point in the story is definitely the Mikan-Natsume romance. They are also included in Maria’s OTP List ^_^. I cried a lot when Ruka let go of Mikan… I also love Ruka… but it’s got to be Natsume and Mikan in the end. I wonder what will happen to their love? I can’t wait to see whether it’s happily-ever-after or happily-ever-after. (LoL! ^_^)

(I hope Ruka will find a new love… I’m hoping that it’s Hotaru… well, the possibility exists so I won’t give up with the ship :) )

I guess that’s all for now ^_^ ‘Till my next post ^_^


Every anime/manga that I’ve watched/read


Okayy. Since Maria is gone until the Spring, I decided to start posting more. And since I have no reviews at the moment, y’all are gonna settle for this. I don’t have the time to add pictures, or write anything about each series. Sorry! Read the rest of this entry