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CLAMP’s Wedding Dress Revealed


So it’s out! CLAMP’s wedding dress designed based on CardCaptor Sakura. And they featured Sakura and Chii wearing it, just like I wanted them to. They would have anyway.

Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed. Don’t get me wrong: it’s a very cute dress, but this clearly isn’t a wedding dress. It definitely looks wedding-related on Sakura in the art panel, but the real life version just looks like a one of the nicer cosplay costumes of Chii’s outfits from Chobits, not at all like an actual wedding dress. This is actually more like a bridesmaid’s outfit, not the bride’s outfit. This could’ve been a side piece, in addition to the actual dress.

I was expecting something more 华丽. It’s really CLAMP’s Chobits/CCS style but if you’re going to design an actual wedding dress you’d make it much longer and less cutesy, wouldn’t you? It’s supposed to be a bridal gown, not a bridesmaid’s outfit. I can’t really see anybody getting married in this.

At least it looks cuter worn on the model.

This is really pretty, though. They really should just make another wedding dress with a full skirt and incorporate this into the design. That, I think, would be a gorgeous wedding dress and perfect for an CLAMP-crazy otaku couple to get married in! ^_^


Happy Birthday Graruru


Hi!!! It’s Graruru’s birthday!! Sorry this is late because I didn’t figure out the whole email thing and of course there’s that time difference).


This is what I would give you as a present (if I could):

Thanks for always reading my blog (even though I know you’re not a fan of shoujo) and always skyping me and fb :))))). You’re a really interesting person and I hope you know that! You’re a good debater, whatever you think –> you’ve got lots of opinions. Thank you for your insights and have a great birthday :)

Sorry this is short I will edit this later: just trying to make it on the day :)))))) Maria

NaNoWriMo is starting~


NaNoWriMo is starting and I will have even less time to write anime reviews and all that stuff so I won’t touch this blog for a long time. Just a warning. I didn’t want to do this, but the fact is that you can’t really keep up a good blog during the school year. I’ll probably write again during Spring break, sorry about that!





Hello everyone~! iiReadManga here!

I may not be able to post on/lurk this blog very often. I’m doing a few projects right now, but I’ll try to be quick with them. If you really want know what they are, I posted them on dA.

Yup, I want to be the voice of Lapis Aoki. :’D You get to to Tokyo and have your voice used with Vocaloid! What more could anyone want?!

And also, I need to think of a cosplay to do at a con this summer (2012). Any ideas? (Shoujo, please. <3)

I’ll be on here as much as I can! <3

~ ♥

SMA Announcement- I forgot (again)!


And just when I was contemplating whether I was looking forward to the end of the month or not (I was because of Heroine of the month & The Monthly Stat Report. but again dreading it because of school), the end of the month flew by, and now it’s September 1st.

And I realized I just missed all the things I had been looking forward to. But you guys don’t mind if it’s one day late, right?

That is, the Heroine of the Month and the Monthly Stat Report.

But I’ll do it right away.

I’m sorry! >__< I was so happy because two fellow Arina fans volunteered (and I was out all day yesterday buying stuff for school) so I completely forgot ^_^’


Typhoon Muifa to Hit Shanghai this Weekend!


I know this doesn’t have much to do with anime/manga, but hello, I live in Shanghai! And a freaking super typhoon is COMING this weekend!! Stephanie just told me about it on the phone.

And it’s supposed to be the strongest typhoon in history.

Err, what to do?

Go down to your basement, watch out for broken glass, and have an anime marathon? :D

Actually, I just got Monte Carlo (yay, Selena Gomez!!) and Bad Teacher so we will watch that tomorrow. It’s coming at night so we’ll have lots of stuff!

But I just read something and actually, maybe not the basement. but well away from windows.

I’m going to call Stephanie (she’s in Shanghai too).