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New York Anime/Manga Otaku Hotspot- Kinokuniya Bookstore


If you’re like me and are not just an anime/manga otaku, but a all round Japan lover, then one place you must go to in New York is the Kinokuniya Bookstore.

I looooooooove this place!!!!!!!

Three floors of pure otaku heaven, it has Japanese and English books/magazines, Japanese and English manga, anime, Japanese music, t-shirts, Japanese food and a whole floor of Japanese culture souvenirs.

It’s not just a bookstore, it’s a Japan-themed bookstore!! Some stuff it has:
-cute stationary
-Japanese souvenirs
-felt make-it-yourself packets
-Japanese music
-architecture & design books
-Japanese and English books/magazines
-t shirts
-some anime figurines and other merchandise (not a LOT, but it’s there)
-an awesome cafe that sells Japanese bentos and onigiri, coffee and tea

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New York!


Man, we accidentally got off the Amtrak Train early and had to switch to a different train that goes to Grand Central Station instead of Penn Station, which is fine because it’s closer to our hotel.

When we pulled up at our hotel, I was like: “Oh my God, this is the hotel in Gossip Girl!”
Yep, the Palace hotel. I knew we were staying at the Palace hotel yet I TOTALLY didn’t realize it was the one in Gossip Girl! Can I get any stupider?

Anyway, will probably be hanging out in the room until dinner (CHINATOWN :D) or maybe going to Bookoff, which is pretty close (the closest of all four places we want to go in NY).


Change of Plan… ^_^


Hi guys! Um, I know it’s three in the morning, but I’ve been sleeping like a log since nine o’ clock last night (I felt extremely sick during the day D:) and now I’m wide awake!

And we’ve decided to go to New York tonight instead of on Friday because Dad wants us to leave New York on Saturday, which is NOT enough time to visit Anime Castle and Bookoff and some Japanese stores properly. So we’re going early!! :D

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For some reason I feel better on the bus


I’m in Shanghai now, slouched on the sofa as usual and blogging. Not a strange thing to see me doing, since it’s all I do these days.

But to be doing something so normal after that earthquake and impulsive decision to come back to Shanghai immediately, well… I guess I’m the only one freaking out about this.

I realize this is an anime/manga blog, but I’ve decided to add personal stories in it too. But only when it’s related to anime/manga, Japan, etc.

But is it okay to include my trip to New York City too? Do you think? We’ll be visiting Ripley’s Believe it or not and Taylor Swift’s wax figure! :D Too bad there aren’t any anime wax characters there.

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I wouldn’t say it’s all right, but…


I wouldn’t say it’s all right, but… we’re at the airport now, a very pretty lounge called the Sakura Lounge (Japan Airlines). We’re boarding the 9:25 plane to Shanghai Hong Qiao Airport.

SO, after the earthquake at midnight (the room was WOBBLING), Mom and I practically flew to the lobby via the emergency exit stairs and found that nobody else was sharing our concerns. Which was, well, getting out of Japan. Because it was an EARTHQUAKE, for God’s sake, our first too, since we never get earthquakes in Cohasset (Massachusetts, USA) or Shanghai (China). The people at the reception were perfectly calm and happy to help, and when we explained that we were scared by the quake, they just smiled and told us that this was perfectly normal in Tokyo, especially in these times. IN THESE TIMES!!! There was an earthquake quite a few cities away from Tokyo, and we just got a little quake.

But I ended up getting so worried that we had to sleep in the lobby and buy bus tickets to Haneda Airport.

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Dolphins, Sea Lions and Mosquitoes! 2nd Day in Tokyo


Man, what a day! But because I did my homework well last night, today was not as tiring as yesterday was!!! :D

We successfully took the train to Komagome! And even managed to walk all the way to Rikugien Garden, only asking for directions once! Well, the signs helped, but they’re in Japanese and I wouldn’t have known it meant Rikugien Garden if I hadn’t done research last night! So clap, clap clap…

Rikugien is pretty, I guess, and very GREEN. It must be a good place to visit in the autumn, or maybe the spring when you can see the sakura flowers!!! By Sakura, I mean cherry blossom, but everybody should know that, since it’s Japan’s national flower. :) Anime and manga otakus especially!

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