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Every anime/manga that I’ve watched/read


Okayy. Since Maria is gone until the Spring, I decided to start posting more. And since I have no reviews at the moment, y’all are gonna settle for this. I don’t have the time to add pictures, or write anything about each series. Sorry! Read the rest of this entry

A list of shoujo MangAnime I’ve read/watched


Hello again everyone!

Since we are here at We <3 Shoujo, I’ve decided to make a list of all the shoujo MangAnime I have watched/read (not necessarily finished), as of the time being. Please note that I’ve read/watched only a few, but I’ll surely do the reading and watching once I have that much awaited really really long vacation ^_^ (Arina Tanemura manga: on the top of my want to read list! ^_^)

I arranged the titles in alphabetical order:

Card Captor Sakura

(manga and anime)

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Something New in Shoujo Love Triangles


Oh my God. This is the first time I have ever been completely at a loss to take sides in a love triangle. Me, being an intensive shoujo reader, just decided to read Marmalade Boy. I have read exactly five chapters.

Now I have no idea which couple to ship. And I know why I don’t.

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