Shojo MangAnime Blog Launched!


Shojo MangAnime Blog Launched!!!!!! Yay! ^_^

I know big blocks of text makes me dizzy, so I will do you all a favor and press ENTER.

Anyway, I will start my first project!!!!! Going through all 127 episodes of Shugo Chara, keeping up a narrative, one blog post per episode. It’s been done many times before, so I won’t do stupid plot summaries or any character explanations. You guys can go to wikipedia for that. Just a few of my favorite moments of each episode and talk talk talk talk talk.

Go to the About page for info about me and this blog!

Go to my other blog: if you wanna learn hiragana! :D I know I do.

Will start discussions on other things concerning manga and anime later, when I sort everything out and get started with Shugo Chara!


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