And is that weirdo REALLY the same person?

Amu Hinamori really is a boy-magnet, huh? Got stuck in a love triangle between:

Bachelor #1: Hotori Tadase

Tadase + Amu = Tadamu

Bachelor #2:

Ikuto + Amu = Amuto







Sorry. >__< I will try and be rational afterwards. :P Anyway, that aside, Ikuto is much better for Amu. He’s good looking (always a plus XD), manly (required of all guy characters), a bad boy type (the best kind), but actually a selfless, kind person who really cares about Amu and values others much more than himself.

One thing that puts me off about Tadase is that he actually admitted to liking Amulet Heart first before liking Amu herself!!!!! Amulet Heart is one of Amu’s “would-be selves”, so basically what Amu would be in the future, a possibility. Not actually Amu herself.

Another thing I disapprove of the Tadamu relationship is that Amu ONLY liked him in the first place because he LOOKED cute. Feelings based on appearance never work out, and those guys NEVER end up with the girl in Shoujo manganime. TOO BAD> cause he’s a sissy!


I’m not saying he’s not nice, he’s just too effeminate. And, although I’m not saying his attraction to Amu is not real, it’s just not in the right place. He liked Amulet Heart before liking Amu herself, and that’s just not acceptable because that’s hurting Amu’s feelings. Ikuto likes Amu as Amu from the very start.

But the main thing I dislike about Tadase is that he’s easily manipulated and stupid. As a child, Tadase was attached to Ikuto, even calling him: “Onii-tan”. He loved Ikuto, but he changed his mind quicker than anyone after hearing some rumor and misunderstanding Ikuto’s actions, swearing to hate Ikuto forever and fight him, calling him a “thief”. So that shows how deep Tadase’s feelings run.

As if. You’re the one who believed that stupid rumor in the first place. Your onii-tan! You distrustful, unreliable little punk.

“Tadase kept on yelling, “Tsukiyomi Ikuto! I suspected right! I will stop letting you do as you please, Tsukiyomi Ikuto! Tsukiyomi Ikuto! Tsukiyomi Ikuto! Tsukiyomi Ikuto! Tsukiyomi Ikuto! Tsukiyomi Ikuto! Tsukiyomi Ikuto! Tsukiyomi Ikuto!”

I’ve never been so angry at Tadase before. Earlier, I didn’t mind him, but now he’s getting on my nerves.” – rosebudpuppy from Crunchyroll

I know that’s how Ikuto wanted it though, to keep the people he cares about (namely Amu and Tadase) away from the danger and problems that surround him by doing things that make them hate him and purposely making misunderstandings just so that all the people he cares about will hate him and stay away from him.

There aren’t many people in the world who can do that.

Ikuto is being controlled by Easter because of his parents, he is not doing anything bad by his own will. He is chained down, forced to do the dirty work, thrust into a cynical view towards batsu tamas, and in need of Amu’s kagayaki (light) and care. Don’t you understand Ikuto needs Amu and Amu loves Ikuto (although she’ll never admit it, tsundere girl)?

Plus Ikuto, despite being described as aloof in countless wikis and summaries, has super cute moments:

 (when he was a kid, Tsukasa actually took Ikuto out but neglected to tell him they had no money!!)

And he cares a LOT about Amu. They have really cute moments. The whole point of an anime/manga pairing is to have the male make the female all flustered. XD


And Amu DOES love him. You can’t help who the girl likes, right?

See how much she misses him after he leaves???

Now see how happy she is when he comes back?

I think it’s pretty obvious now who Amu should be with.

And to think that Satelight (the producers) single-handedly destroyed this romance in the anime, purposely leaving out as many Amuto parts from the manga as possible unless necessary in the anime, including the airport scenes and how Ikuto confesses his love to Amu at the theme park.

How could they? One of the most amazing couples in the universe of manganime! This is a CRIME. Somebody good should remake Shugo Chara the way the manga was. I’d accept some differences, but you gotta draw the line when they start changing the plot and stuffing fillers everywhere they can.

I’d understand the people who support TADAMU. Although I was pretty harsh towards Tadase, he is really not a bad person. You can’t help who he likes either. At least, in the manga he’s not. In the manga, he gives up because he knows she is supposed to be with Ikuto and wants what’s best for her. I think we should learn from the manga Tadase. The anime Tadase, however, pisses me off. Most people who read the manga support AMUTO for a reason. Drop the anime and read the manga first.

So that concludes this post. Support AMUTO, everyone! ^_^


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  6. I’m for Amuto, but i REALLY like the love triangle plot, and in the anime after Tadase found out Ikuto was staying in Amu’s room and even AFTER they made up the Amu Tadase romance basically stopped… whatever happened to the “I love you, Amu. And i’m going to tell you that every day to make up for the days before we hadn’t even met.” I was rolling on the floor in awe… but he didn’t keep his promise, and then they focuxsed a bit more on the ikuto thing. Here’s how i hoped it would play out:
    Tadase and Ikuto both love Amu, and she can’t decide.
    Tadase and Ikuto are fighting over AMU. (Not the, “U TRIIPED MY GRAMMY!!!!” Junk… -.- )
    After soem sort of battle with easter, ikuto suddenly kisses Amu on the LIPS (not the cheek!) And tadase watched behind… er… something and decides she’s better off with him.

  7. Okay. here’s how I feel:



    Okay, I’ll be reasonable. Look, I’ll give you my reasons why i like tadase better than ikuto.—>(1) If you look closely, tadase’s hair is yellow and his eyes are pinkish-red while amu’s hair is pink and her eyes are yellow. Do you think that’s just a coincidence? No! (2) The guardians even tease amu and tadase for liking each other! (3) Ikuto is such a playboy. Some of the parts of amuto are really……..i don’t know what to say! they’re just so….UGH!! (4) amu and tadase have alot of things in common. just like fact no. 1 above. (5) amu and tadase even have a power that allows them to purify eggs at an even wider range. (6) amu and tadase make a much cuter couple than most couples.

    I know its not much facts but this is what i want to believe in. I know u guys won’t change your minds about the couple. I don’t even hope because we’re all stubborn. Even I want to stop my mind so that I can stop thinking about tadamu but i can’t. I just hope that u guys won’t be mad at me for this. thats all. I’m sure u guys won’t see me write here again anymore.

    P/S: The words you use on Tadase is a bit too harsh. You’ve got to understand and think about him just for a little while. stop thinking about ikuto and think about Tadase. Just for a little bit. Please? I’m not talking about the pairings, I’m talking about that person. Think about Tadase only. BTW, ikuto isn’t that hot. Not to me, at least.

    • Hi :) I don’t really blog about anime that much anymore (as you can probably tell haha). But first off… (hear me out please I’m not mad at you don’t worry about it ok) I’m sorry but your second reason isn’t very valid… that doesn’t necessarily mean they should end up together. Ikuto does give off the playboy vibe, I agree with you (which is why I like him so much, not just because he’s a bad boy type but because he’s actually a really good person- which is very unrealistic and I guess that’s why girls like that type so much. since it will probably never happen in real life.) But nowhere in the anime or manga does he actually get with a girl… the only “love rival” to Amu that ever appears is Utau, and however open-minded we can be about incest it wasn’t going to happen anyway because Ikuto would never do that to Utau. So Ikuto isn’t actually a playboy. He just teases Amu all the time because he likes it (and it is also the mangaka milking the relationship and the less serious part of their relationship. you know, you gotta have the teasing part first before the i like you’s come up, that’s how lots of and i daresay most shoujo manga relationships work. there are exceptions of course, and different kinds of teasing- there are those more quiet types of guys) Actually, all your reasons are not very valid (I’m not sure about the fifth one because I’m pretty sure in the manga Amuto did a purification together too, and it was the really big one, but whatever.) because they’re too subjective. “Amu and Tadase make a much cuter couple than most couples”? That’s your opinion. So you aren’t actually believing in a lot of facts if what you believe in is listed up there… I did a lot of bias in my post too because I was a little kid, but I based it on more than just “Tadase is a sissy”, so in the end I hope you guys got my point about Ikuto and Tadase and Amu…. or not…

      But you’re right, I shouldn’t be so anti-Tadase all the time, he’s actually a pretty poor kid. The manga Tadase was much more likeable from an amuto standpoint because he accepted what Amu wanted. If only like in Fruits Basket he found a girl for himself just like the princely character in furuba did… at least kutau happened <3<3

      But I guess our differences just all comes down to personal preference of character- you like the Tadase type and I like the Ikuto type. I get that you don't like Amu's relationship with Ikuto, just like I don't like a lot of things in manga. I guess it's an acquired taste? Kinda sorta not really. But so is liking Tadase, so ehh… but dude, I wrote all that shit when I was in middle school. I'm not going to hold it against you for writing here about tadamu ;)

  8. Okay…(i cant believe I’m writing here again..) i respect you…and i do agree that some of the couple pairings are mostly to my own taste and preference because…honestly, i’m not the kind of person who likes bad boy and playboy types(no offence)..i really REALLY like the type thats cute, handsome is acceptable, nice, kind and honest…not that i’m saying ikuto isn’t any of that it’s just…i feel that amu belongs to tadase. of course, thats only for me…i even imagined that if amu did choose ikuto, tadase would be happy for them. and if she chose tadase, ikuto would also be happy for them. I just HATE that the author did not give us the real answer to which who amu chooses…it’s the same with digimon…the author didn’t tell us who Hikari chose…Daisuke or Takeru…these debates between favourite couples are just driving me crazy…well, that turned out pretty long…i like being specific.

    P/S : So you know, i’m only 13 so…no hard feelings kay? :)

    • I thought the author did, though! In the manga. Have you read it? There was an encore chapter that basically told all the post main story love stories (Rima+Nagi, Kutau, Amuto) and it ended the story with Amuto and their graduation. She didn’t exactly decide on the spot that she would start dating Ikuto (because he was away looking for his father) but it was pretty clear that she realized she liked Ikuto (a continuation from her travel with “Tsukasa” in the last chapter of the main manga). Ahhhh you need to read the manga!! I used pages of it in my post!

      Absolutely no hard feelings. I wrote this post about amuto and tadamu when I was 14… :) I like the bad boy stereotype (that gets saved by the main girl character, blah blah blah predictable shoujo- which is actually what I love about shoujo because sometimes they can get creative within all these stereotypes of a shoujo manga and actually create really sweet stories. Other times it just sucks.) because it’s fun to indulge in the fantasy. If you like the nice prince character like Tadase… I actually don’t remember any manga I’ve read where the girl ends up with that guy because there’s always the bad boy type (the bad boy type can vary, some bad boy types aren’t actually bad boys, it’s just the concept of the position in the love triangle. like in furuba kyo isn’t a hooker or anything, he’s just got complicated feelings- but so does yuki). I loveee furuba. Have you read it?

      Alsooo I love Arina Tanemura’s mangas, you should read those toooo! Full Moon wo Sagashite is super sad and sweet (you’d probably like Eichi, but if you read it you’ll probably understand the type of guy I always ship with the girl, and Takuto isn’t pervy like Ikuto so you’ll like him too). Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne is awesome and one of her oldest ones, and Shinshi Doumei Cross is also really awesome and newer. Shinshi was kinda mindblowing, please don’t read spoilers!! I always ruin stories for myself that way. I haven’t read Sakurahime kaden or Fudanjuku Monogatari because translations have been kinda messy and I got frustrated with where sakurahime was going. I’ll probably start during the winter. Haha mind recommending any of your favorite anime/manga to me? I’m in desperate need of some good shoujo…

      • hmm….any good manga huh? well, sorry to say but…i’m not the kind of girl that reads shoujo manga…because of couples in the manga who got together but i don’t think they should…I used to read Full Moon wo Sagashite but forgot but what i did remember is that Eichi DIED!!! Mitsuki was soooo sad,,of course, the story was actually about Mitsuki and Takuto…and i don’t really mind who she goes with as long as she’s happy :)…but…i guess the recent shoujo manga i’ve read is I Love You, Suzuki-kun. I guess you might have read it but I don’t really know cuz you didn’t say anything about it before…I don’t like the couple because of the girl which, i think is not suited to be with the guy. I think you would like them but you have to read it first.

        Oh! And… I have read Shugo Chara Encore and…I hate to say that i also thought that Amu actually chose Ikuto so…you could say that even though the manga ended up as Amuto, I still want to support Tadamu…If the manga ended with Tadamu, you would still want to support Amuto, right? That’s exactly how I feel…

        That’s all for now…sorry I couldn’t give you much information about other shoujo manga…
        I’m really not much of a fan for shoujo…Till your next text..:P

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