Card Captor Sakura & The 52 Cards



Info from My Anime List!
Synopsis: “One day, Kinomoto Sakura, a 4th grader stumbles upon the mysterious book of Clow. Upon opening it and reading the name of The Windy aloud, Sakura scatters the cards to the winds. Sakura is elected and appointed by Keroberos, Guardian of the Cards to capture the remaining cards. With her friend Tomoyo and rival Shaoran, Sakura begins an adventure that will forever change her.”

“The first and second season, in my opinion, is not most impressive plot-wise.” True. Every episode meant a card to be captured, which meant it turned out pretty episodic, but not so much that it became repetitive and boring (like Inuyasha, no offense, I love the anime but I just got tired of the fighting).

“If you are new to Cardcaptor Sakura, then you might not realize that it was made in 1998. For its time, the art was amazingly amazing.”

“Not only are the opening and ending sequences catchy, the background music was incredible, simply incredible.”


“Cardcaptor Sakura is a great show, though you’ll notice that it’s really classic. I don’t watch many magical girl anime so I can’t really say for sure how Cardcaptor Sakura is better or worse than other magical girl anime. The only thing I’m looking forward in this anime is the “romance” part but I guess it exceeded my expectations positively.” – xevar25

That is completely true. Card Captor Sakura might be aimed for younger peers, but it certainly does NOT lack in the romance department. Sakura and Syaoran, being the main couple, are SOOOOO cute together! Completely made for each other!!! :D If you want kissing and hugging, this is not the anime to go to, but it’s the sweetest kind of elementary school crush there is!!!!! Plus, what makes this anime unique is that there are all sorts of couples in this anime, e.g. homosexual, teacher-student, cousin-cousin, etc. In Japan this is legal, but it still bothers Card Captor Sakura viewers.

And Card captor Sakura might have some fillers, but they did it SO well (much better than Shugo Chara). For example, Meiling is the BEST filler character EVER in the history of anime. Here’s what KholdStare88 from My Anime List has to say about her:

“…her roles are clearly defined and becomes one of the major plot-driven characters at the end of the anime, as well as being a very consistent character. One example is how I regard an episode that dedicated to her as one of the best, even though it is a filler. The addition of Meilin is not for the detriment of the plot, and I applaud the excellent direction it took to incorporate such a character.” -KholdStare88

And Card Captor Sakura has one of the best movies ever. The second CCS movie is what I’d consider to be the actual ending of the anime, and just as good as the one in the manga (which is saying a lot, coming from me), although different.

Plus, the OPs were excellent, and that’s a real big bonus there. :P

A very well done anime, all in all. It may seem girly (and it is, of course) and aimed towards children but I highly recommend it, it’s a great anime! The manga is good too (I haven’t read all of it though), only the online versions aren’t so awesome. Get the manga in a bookstore. It’s worth it, especially the last few books :)

Rating: 9/10


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