The Start of My Manga Obsession


So do you wanna know how I started reading manga? :)

Well, I was in Osaka with my family when I bought two volumes of the Inuyasha manga in the bookstore of the hotel. That was my first manga ever. It was good, but it wasn’t like I started getting obsessed over manga since then.

Then we went to the USA for the summer and I bought three Tokyo Mew Mew Manga volumes. They were good too, but again, did not start my obsession of (shoujo) manga.

Then I went to a huge Chinese bookstore in Shanghai and I saw many Card Captor manga volumes (in Chinese) so i bought a few.

I was watching Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch the anime then, and when I saw the manga volumes in a bookstore in Cohasset, I went out of my way to collect all the volumes of the manga from bookstores and amazon. By then I had 6 volumes of English MMPP manga and 5 volumes of Japanese MMPP manga.

Not much obsession yet, until I found a manga I really wanted to read and didn’t know where to buy it so I figured out that I could read it online.


I read all Arina Tanemura mangas, including Shinshi Doumei Cross (thumbs up), Full Moon wo Sagashite, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, etc. This is the order in which I read her manga:

1. Full Moon wo Sagashite

2. Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne

3. Shinshi Doumei Cross

4. I.O.N

5. Time Stranger Kyoko

6. All her oneshots

In between or after, I don’t remember, came lots of other shoujo manga like Watashi ni xx Shinasai, Kyou Koi wa Hajimemasu, Faster than a Kiss, Zettai Kareshi, Shugo Chara, Fruits Basket, Gakuen Alice, Kaichou wa Maid-sama, Beast Master, Rockin’ Heaven, Dengeki Daisy, Charming Junkie, Chocolate Cosmos, Sensei to Watashi etc.

Toradora and some of Inuyasha I read, but those aren’t Shoujo.

That was when I decided that I love Shoujo and Ribon!

The End.

Lol, no way. There are many more shoujo manga that I want to read, except I need to discover them, that’s all.

If there’s any awesome shoujo manga you want to recommend, please do so in the comments area!!!!! I would be so eternally grateful.

That’s all for now :P Read my manga and anime reviews! I only review finished manga or finished seasons of anime, though. So if you’re looking for a review on Watashi ni xx Shinasai, you’re going to have to wait. :D


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