This is an insult to Japan and manga!!!


I saw this on, in the anime/manga category.

Do you know what they said about this?? They said: “Some are charming…”

Lots of commenters went:

“but they’re so cute when they don’t owe you money (yet)” – coffeebot

“Some drugs do that to ya!” – sadsfafd

“Comes with Enchanting Addict chibi doll.” – Tammy

“This badge is perfect for when you want everyone to know that you may do drugs, but you’re still a charmer!” – Tomas Krystinik

I can’t believe they’re making fun of this! This is an ACTUAL MANGA named CHARMING JUNKIE and I HAVE READ IT (lots of people have, and love it) so don’t you DARE insult it like this!!!!

I know means drug addict and it may sound funny to Americans, but this is actual manganime merchandise and there is nothing to laugh about. It’s not engrish at all. I would expect them to check before posting any stupid mistakes.

What, so occasionally other countries have misspellings in their english signs. Does that mean you are allowed to make fun of things like this without making sure that it’s engrish?

And if Japanese was the most commonly used language in the world, Americans would make mistakes a lot in their writing too. What if Japanese people started going to America and taking pictures of Harry Potter merchandise? Would it be nice if the Japanese people laughed at that too, thinking it means drug addict in Japanese?

Sorry for the ranting but I do not appreciate people making fun of manganime when they don’t even know anything about it. :(


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