What are your Favorite Fruits Basket Quotations?


I love Fruits Basket!!!! What are your favorite quotations??

My English teachers keep telling me to say “quotations” instead of “quotes”. I looked in the dictionary to see why. Apparently, “quote” is a verb and “quotation” is a noun. So why does everybody keep using “quotes” instead of “quotations”?

Anyay, I digress. Fruits Basket is an awesome manga and it’s one of my absolute favorites :D

It’s funny too because Chinese culture also has Junishi, except we cal it something else. Guess which year I’m born in?

Moooooooo~ USHI!!!!!


Anyway, here are my favorite quotes! I can’t wait to hear yours! If you want to, you can post a few as comments :)


“If you think of someone’s good qualities as the umeboshi in an onigiri (rice ball), it’s as if their qualities are stuck to their back! People around the world are like onigiri. Everyone has an umeboshi with a different shape and color and flavor. But because it’s stuck on their back, they might not be able to see their umeboshi. Maybe the reason people get jealous of each other, is because they can see so clearly the umeboshi on other people’s backs.” – Honda Tohru from Fruits Basket (I swear, Tohru has the best quotes)


“It takes just as much training to get along with people.” Shigure from Fruits Basket (It totally does)


“Do you want to kill time… with me?” – Kyo from Fruits Basket (Lol that’s such a cute way of asking a girl out!!!)


“Let me ask you this… If I wear a three-piece suit, does it mean I won’t blackmail? If I won’t pierce my ears, does it mean I won’t break someone’s heart? If my hair is black and shiny, does it mean I won’t kill you?! Who the hell do you think you are? You think you’re God?! Well?! Do you?! That’s incredible! Say something, God!! Make a sound!! Don’t judge me based on the same story and laugh.” – Hatsuharu from Fruits Basket (You rock, Haru)


And here’s some interesting dialogue I got from wikiquote:


Hatsuharu: Whoa… I don’t believe it. Someone just walked in who looks exactly like Yuki. A mystery.

Yuki[annoyed] It is me.

Hatsuharu: But this is the main house.

Yuki: That’s why I snuck in.

Hatsuharu[grabs a camera and poses with Yuki] Peace. You too, Yuki, peace.

Yuki[extremely annoyed] What was that for?

Hatsuharu: In commemoration of your coming to the main house after such a long time. And for me.


Shigure: And about what he said. Tohru’s cute. She’s adorable.

Hatori: Coming from you, that sounds criminal..


Principal: I’ve allowed that color, but I don’t remember saying you could have long hair. Have it cut by tomorrow.

Ayame: But Principal…

Principal: No! Rules are made to be followed. I’ll call the head of your family…

Ayame: I… I come from a royal family.

Principal: Huh?

Ayame: I’ve been hiding it until now, but there’s a country to which I must return.

Principal: Wh-what?

Ayame: If you must know, my hair has to be long because… it is said that the first king, the honorable Rurubara-sama, received a message when he reached the age of four. It was from Kandora-sama, who illumines the four directions with gold and red light. When Kandora-sama chanted “Ma Rudu Mani,” his forehead shone with a blue light and, like a pony struck by a whip, Rurubara-sama’s honorable person was liberated. With a wave of warm compassion, like trees that bend in a light breeze, his supple tresses grew… Now, meanwhile, Kashiparuu-sama was in his chambers sleeping peacefully, like a flower waiting to bud, and he gave voice to the pain that was in his heart, “Kampaniiru…!!” “Kampaniiru”, in the tongue of my people, means, “Come forth, ocean of God’s power; go forth, veneration!”

Principal: Uh, errr, um, just – I’m sorry, but I have to go meet with some-

Ayame[grabs the principal’s shoulder] I’m not done explaining about Kandora-sama.







Shigure: Hmm? You agreed to it just like that? My, arent you helpful… or could it be that you secretly got a crush on tohru?! [silence from Hatori] Oooh…Are you so unnerved its gotten your tongue-tied… I’ve hit the nail on the head, havent I ?!?!

Hatori: I am unnerved by your utter stupidity that words fail me completely…




Kagura: Here, Kyo! A chocolate heart stuffed with my love, all for YOU!

Kyo: KEEP IT! What man in his right mind would eat that girly, sugary crap?!

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