What is with that Miyuu??? (spoilers)


Oh my GOD! I’m reading “Momo” (a manga) right now and this girl Miyuu is pissing me off! I mean, she just wants to be the representative of the earth because she wants all the glory and Nanagi to protect her. She doesn’t actually care about the planet like Yume does. Hasn’t Yume proved her worth when she protected Momo against Piko and worked hard to give Momo the planetarium??? It’s not fair!

And Miyuu is doing a really bad job at being the Earth’s representative. I mean, what’s with freaking Momo out with her interrogative questions? Momo is still a child after all (sort of) since she likes playing, and she should use more interesting ways to please Momo. If she organizes it so thoroughly and makes it all so boring, it will no longer be a surprise or something fun and  Momo will not be pleased, right?


And see how much fun Momo has at Yume’s house, even if it’s just dinner? And Momo looks so cute in braids and pajamas, like an ordinary little girl! SOOOOOO kawaii!!!!!!!


And obviously Momo likes Yume better. And Yume is a better representative of the earth, since she is more like the NORMAL people on earth, unlike the super rich control freak Miyuu.


And Miyuu even plans on exposing Momo’s secret to the WHOLE WORLD!!!!!! And plans on keeping Momo to herself!!!!!! That’s CRAZY, she just let Yume be the representative again and everything will be fine.


I hate Miyuu so much I want to smash her stupid fictional face.




Ooh, nice, Nanagi. Guess what he said to Momo: “I have a feeling that your selfishness will be the one thing that destroys this planet.”


OH MY GOD!!!!! Miyuu threw the bracelet into the WATER!!!!!! The bracelet that will save Earth!!!!! She’d rather throw the bracelet into the sea than let Yume have it????? THAT IS BASICALLY MIYUU SAYING THAT SHE CARES MORE ABOUT HERSELF THAN THE EARTH!!!!!!


ooh, and then Yume jumps into the sea to find it! See, she values the Earth, Momo and the bracelet more than her life. Ah, Nanagi to the rescue :)


Yume is now living with Momo!!!!!

Nanagi: What do you want to have for dinner?

Yume: Mea-

Momo: Boiled Tofu.

Yume: Y-yeah, I’ll have tofu too.

Nanagi: (pfft laugh) So boiled tofu and meat, right?

*Sparkle sparkle kira kira* on Yume’s part. Awww, Nanagi!!!!!!!! They are so made for each other!!!!!


I’m happy now, who cares about Miyuu, as long as Yume is the representative again. She’s so much better at saving the world and pleasing Momo. :D
Okay,  gotta keep reading :)

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