Shojo MangAnime Announcement- Anime of the Week


Well, well, well, haven’t had one of THESE in a while! The first ever was, of course, the first ever post on this blog, the super amazing LAUNCHING!!! This is a super amazing ANNOUNCEMENT. Just point out the difference and repeating myself.

I have declared that every Friday I will do a “Anime of the Week” post, which will consist of me randomly picking an anime beforehand (on Tuesday or Wednesday), watching the first few episodes and posting lots of pictures and a synopsis (on Friday), plus my thoughts about it and such.

I will rate it and give it a pass or fail (whether it interests me enough to continue or not).

The difference between this and a normal review is that normal reviews must be about animes that are finished and I have finished watching. Plus, Anime of the Week reviews don’t include comments from My Anime List, only the synopsis, whereas the normal reviews include comments from My Anime List and comments from me. :)

Get ready for some heavy dissing! :D

Momo: What is dissing, noda?

Me: It means saying very bad and disrespectful things to something or somebody.

Momo: Momo-chan would never diss, noda!



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