ShojoMangAnime Announcement- New User


It’s time for another ShojoMangAnime announcement (there are a lot of these, aren’t there?).

We have a NEW USER joining us as an author! Yay! Let’s celebrate!

Stephanie is, like, my best friend in real life :) And she’s an anime lover too (too bad she’s not interested in manga) so she’ll be helping out in the anime department as an author.

Please welcome her, since she’s never used wordpress before, let alone created a blog. She didn’t want to create a blog, so I asked her to help me with this one. You’ll probably be seeing a few of her posts in a couple days.

Momo: Don’t forget Momo-chan, noda! Momo-chan is a part of this blog too, noda!

Yes, don’t forget Momo. Momo-chan will not be appearing in Steph’s posts, though. Steph doesn’t know Momo-chan.


Please Comment :)

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