The most classic mahou shoujo anime? In the name of the moon, I will punish you!


Sailor Moon has got to be one of the most classic mahou shoujo anime. It’s like the equivalent of Harry Potter in anime!! :D Read my review!

Here’s the synopsis from My Anime List and some awesome comments:


“Tsukino Usagi is a 14-year old girl in junior high. She’s ditzy, whiny, and a crybaby. She often flunks her tests, and she is always scolded by her family. However after a bad day, Usagi is surprised to encounter a black cat that can talk! The cat, Luna, grants Usagi the power to transform into Sailor Moon, a fighter who is to save the world against the Dark Kingdom and its evil ruler, Queen Beryl.

Of course, Usagi can’t do it alone, and there are others who will help her on the way…”

“As with most anime fans my age, Sailor Moon was one of the first series that I watched. It is one of those titles that many people know outside the anime fan base. Though it’s probably not the first “magical girl” anime it does in my opinion define the entire genre.” – Skadi

Too true, this was my first anime. I only got bits and pieces of it, even some parts from season 2 and in Chinese too because I bought random DVDs of Sailor Moon at that time (in China). That was before I got my laptop. :P

When anyone hears “mahou shoujo”, they’re bound to think of Sailor Moon. It might not be because they like it (they might think it’s unrealistic and dumb) but it’s because it’s most well known. And for a reason.

“The first thing that is going to come to many people’s attention is going to be the artwork and sound quality. When compared to today’s standards it looks primitive and plain. The music is particularly uninspired and I doubt it was all that interesting when this show was new. The background music and sound effects feel like they are drawn out of a 80s B action movie. This show could really use a complete remastering of the audio. The voice acting though is strong and I felt the actors did a good job in portraying their characters though some of the performances, particularly from the villains are pretty campy.” – Skadi

Okay, I think that’s an exaggeration. The artwork and sound quality was not bad, for its time. I thought it was quite good. Not as good as Card Captor Sakura, obviously, but WAY better than Wedding Peach.

But yes, the voice acting was pretty damn excellent. I only got to watch the Japanese version afterwards online but you gotta admit, they were very good at portraying their characters. Queen Beryl’s seiyuu was so evil. :P

“The overall story is something Sailor Moon does exceptionally well. From the start we get a sampling of a bigger danger to come and it moves along fairly slowly in the beginning. We get introduced to Usagi right away who quickly becomes Sailor Moon and starts fighting the enemy. Over the course of the first half of the series the other Sailor Warriors start to appear as we learn more about them and their pasts and building the friendships amongst each other. The plot does a great job of telling the origins of the Sailor Warriors and the reasons for the villain’s attacks. The last half in particular was very interesting and exciting. As a romance there is a lot to like about Sailor Moon. It treats the viewer to a serious and realistic feeling relationship that really puts its modern counterparts to shame. I found it to be the most compelling and rewarding part of the show.” – Skadi

I know. It’s really hard to find good romance in anime like Sailor Moon anymore. I’m talking about the first season of course. I haven’t and probably never will watch any of the seasons afterwards.

Anyway, Mamoru and Usagi’s relationship is just like how most (good) couples start out. I hate you, you hate me, I can’t stand you, why don’t you get out of my face. Very cute banter going on between them as Mamoru makes fun of Usagi’s “meatball” hairstyle and jaw dropping bad grades. And Mamoru is older, being a college student and Usagi only a high schooler. But age doesn’t matter when you’re in love, especially those fated ones from a past life! :)

“The action is something that just isn’t that interesting however. It feels to simplistic and formulaic. The enemies change but after a while they all seem like they are the same. They get defeated in the same ways and the action itself never gets to be that exciting. Most of the shows battles are very short as well and the Sailor Warriors various special abilities take up most of them. They got a little long and boring as well after the 20th time seeing them. Anyone who is expecting or desiring intense magical action and special effects will be disappointed.” – Skadi

Well, unlike some anime I could mention, the fighting isn’t that bad. Plus, it’s magical girl fighting. Way better than Inuyasha’s killing, I’ll never give up mode with all the blood and huge blades that are bigger than a person. Sure, it’s not the highlight of the anime, but it’s certainly not boring.

“It wouldn’t be a magical girl show without the famous transformation cut scene. Sailor Moon has plenty of these, and they get to be a bit unwieldy at times as the cast grows. Sailor Moons is the longest but the other Sailor Warriors are pretty short, which is good. Plus while we have to watch Usagi transform every time we often don’t have to watch all of the others or we get a shortened version. This is good because it takes away from the story.” – Skadi

The transformation scenes are pretty interesting, but too much repetition can turn a person off. If you hate it, then fast forward or just skip to the next part. Don’t complain about something like that if you can solve it easily. It is good that they shorten the transformations of the other Sailor Warriors. Too much fancy effects and little plot is often why perfectly good animes get destroyed.

“The real shining light of Sailor Moon is the characters. Usagi as the lead is one of my favorite characters in anime. She starts off as a bit annoying with her crying and silliness but she really shines as a comedic character. She manages to grow during the course of the series and become stronger and more courageous. She has several love interests, or crushes would be more accurate. Eventually this grows into a serious relationship which I found very satisfying. Mamoru/Tuxedo Mask is the main love interest and both are completely oblivious of each other’s alter egos. I always found it amusing that he couldn’t tell Usagi was Sailor Moon when they look and act exactly alike.” – Skadi

Unlike most people, I never found Usagi annoying in the least. I thought it was typical of the heroine of a mahou shoujo anime, but never annoying. It set her apart from the other characters in the anime, you know? And it really leaves room for character development and such. All the characters were awesome, with their own personalities and everything, not just fighting clones in sailor outfits. I always got sad when they picked on Usagi. Poor Usagi.

Mamoru x Usagi FOREVER!!!!!! They’re one of my favorite couples. And I have a LOT of favorite couples. :P

“Overall I can’t recommend this series enough. Every fan of anime should see this show at least once. I would love to give it a 10 rating but the lackluster action and sound bring it down from being perfect.” – Skadi

Well, I gave it a ten. Shows how picky you are. The sound wasn’t that bad.

You know what the funny thing is? All this reviewing has gotten me interested in rewatching Sailor Moon S1 for the third time!!

I’m going to get started right away. Thank God for youku, I thought all was lost when they banned Youtube from China. Plus, youku has good full episodes, not parts.

Rating: 10

Momo: Momo-chan wants a cat like Luna too, noda! Can I wear a sailor outfit, noda?


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