Who’s Your Favorite Shugo Chara?


Hi! Let’s share our favorite shugo charas!

Here’s mine in list order plus pics!


Yoru is so kawaii!!!!!!! He really loves Ikuto and tries really hard for him! He may be mischievous sometimes but he’s like little kitty!!!! I love it when he plays with balls of string, Tsukasa’s catnip and eats fish (takoyaki or just plain fish).


2. ERU

Angel of love, huh. Ai no tenshi, she’s really cute and dramatic. Plus, she’s UTAU’s shugo chara!!!!!


3. IRU

Eru is really mischievous and of course, loyal to Utau and loves picking on Eru, which is cute because they are actually quite chummy. I always liked Lunatic Charm (charanari with Eru) and I love Meikyuu Butterfly (when Utau chara changes with Eru), plus the little bat wings, horns, the little tail and the mini boots are so cute!


5. SU

Su is super clumsy (which is cute) and even though I find her voice annoying sometimes, she’s still an amazing shugo chara.



Even though she looks like a baby, she can act really mature sometimes! And matter-of-fact too. Weird, fake baby. :P



Although I’m an super Amuto supporter, it doesn’t mean I hate everything about Tadase. I don’t really hate the Tadase in the manga as much, and when Kiseki does his king MWAHAHAHAHAH thing, it makes me smile. Plus, I love it when he chara changes with Tadase.



Kusukusu is a cute shugo chara. I personally feel that clowns are creepy, but KK is a cute clown :)



Honestly, I don’t really feel much for Daichi, it’s just that because he’s Kukai’s shugo chara, and I love Kukai!!



I don’t love Temari because she’s pretty. I like her because when she chara changes, she is like super scary and violent (which is funny).


Momo: Momo-chan wants a shugo chara too, noda!



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