Do you have a Zettai Kareshi? I’ll recommend one!


Sorry to disappoint you guys, but this is only a review (not a boyfriend recommendation). OF ONE OF THE BEST MANGAS EVER!!!

Here’s the synopsis from My Anime List:


“Rejected way too many times by good-looking (and unattainable) guys, shy Riiko Izawa goes online and signs up for a free trial of a mysterious Nightly Lover “figure.” The very next day a cute naked guy is delivered to her door, and he wants to be her boyfriend! Has Riiko died and gone to heaven? The cute guy turns out to be sweet, smart, a great cook, and lots more. And he looks like a million bucks, which is what he’s going to cost Riiko if she doesn’t return him in time…” (Source: Viz)

And here are some awesome comments from the same website:

“If you liked Chobits, this is like that only with the male and female roles flip-flopped.

The story, while certainly not original, is still captivating with a few small unique aspects that make it stand out from other stories like it. You really feel emotions for the characters, especially Night. I found myself constantly squealing over his charming and naive personality. And of course, it’s authored by the wonderful Yuu Watase. You can’t go wrong!” – yumeno_kumori

“You obviously know that a girl unwittingly orders herself an android-like boyfriend online, but what arrives is nothing robotic or even human. Superhuman maybe! He’s charming and makes her weak in the knees but obviously, just when a couple has found happiness, the boy next door (literally) has to suddenly confess his undying love for the heroine. Grr. Trials and tribulations ensue, though not all of them are of the hackneyed kind. Some situations like sticking together in a couple’s spa despite running naked and protecting your boyfriend’s chastity by climbing up a balcony are pretty darn novel! It’s not something you stop crying for even after the fifth or sixth read and that’s really saying something about a 6 volume manga!

Art wise, I see similarities in how Night and Tamahome and other Watase bishies are drawn, it’s almost identical, but I guess dashing knights in shining armors always end up looking equally swoon-worthy! The few action sequences, combat or otherwise are done masterfully, with each character’s motion and style being unique. Riico is drawn well enough but what really stands out in this manga is her and everyone else’s chibi expressions! Really, the range of facials these SD characters are capable of puts us lowly humans to shame! Each page is littered with plenty of them, and you can especially look forward to Gaku being his eccentric self, chibi and otherwise with plenty of smart ass dialogues and odd angles to his eyebrows which induce the giggles only too easily.

I adored how Night was portrayed as this naive but besotted lover figure that is hopelessly devoted to making Riiko happy and is still learning the ropes… Though maybe he goes a bit far sometimes like when he asks Soshi if he knows what Riico’s sensitive spots are! However, his quixotic view of his undying feelings for Riico despite his physical limitations fully exonerates him of any slights he may have made along the way. Little things he does like remake a broken bracelet and offer his own services to help make money which he’s not supposedly programmed to do, make him an endearing character.

I’m not a huge Soshi fan, so I can’t appreciate him as well, but the fellow had his moments. He was always coming to Riico’s rescue when he could, and was forever on the lookout for semi-vulnerable moments where he’d entrance Riico with his personal understated charm. He was depicted realistically, as being shy and hiding his feelings at first with incessant teasing but only realizing their true depth when his position as No.1 Comforter was threatened.

Of course Riico is the lead in so many ways. Though she appears to simply be looking for a (read any living, breathing, capable of physical intimacy) boyfriend, she shows a lot of moral restraint throughout the story as well as moments of unprecedented maturity and personal sacrifice whenever Night’s safety is in question. Sure she’s clumsy and mediocre and prone to jealousy and insecurity, but really, which 16 year old isn’t? She’s just a character we’re supposed to relate to, so it’s expected of her to have tangible flaws.” – ishitagupta

Yes! Night is awesome! He tries so hard for her and it’s so sweet how he still remembers Riiko after he breaks up with her (even though when a lover figure is kissed by another girl he is supposed to forget the previous girlfriend and fall in love with the new girl). And I’m not a huge Soshi fan either, since I support Night.

“Secondary characters lend the most flair to this manga, and Gaku tops that list hands down! His cheeky delivery of in-your-face dialogues along with outrageously lurid suggestions regarding Riico’s virginity makes him a most likeable candidate for comedic relief. Then there’s Riico’s new friend who brings her own back story into the plot. Clever little side characters like Riico and Soshi’s boss at the restaurant assure you that the manga is not taking your sense of humor for granted and surely wants to titillate your palette right through the end.” – ishitagupta

I know! Gaku is so funny! I wouldn’t say the manga was hilarious, but it does make you smile. ;) And I love the side characters because Yuu Watase makes them deeply involved in the plot, so they’re not just some lame side roles created just to fill in the empty parts of a classroom and make some appearances.

“Hmm, most importantly of course, being that it’s shoujo, there are plenty and I mean PLENTY of those almost intimate moments that make your heart scream ba thump ba thump. There’s enough fan service courtesy Night to keep you up at night cursing Riico’s great fortune and drooling at his physique at the same time. And there are also some heart wrenching scenes with both Night and Soshi to make you lose your train of though for just an instant and simply stare into the character’s (magnificently drawn) faces!

I think you should definitely give this a read. The plotline becomes less trite and predictable after the first three chapters, and you’re sucked into this beautiful realm where the only ideal in a bishie’s existence is to be the best boyfriend possible at all costs! Personally I feel the ending is a little abrupt and unfinished somehow, but not something that makes you regret reading Zettai. If Watase were to come out with a sequel or related work even after some years, I know I would be an instant fan.

While shorter than Fushigi Yuugi, Zettai Kareshi invokes the same passionate responses in readers that FY possibly did. You fall in love with characters and their weaknesses and strengths, you cheer for a couple to stay together and feel oddly anxious when they face obstacles (So much so that you want to jump into the panel and rip apart the occasional villains and just force Night on Riico!). I think Yuu Watase is very skilled at making you really become a part of her fascinating world like this. You want to vicariously live Riico’s life here and once you start the manga, I’m pretty sure you won’t have the control to put it down without devouring it whole!” -ishitagupta

This was my first Yuu Watase manga, and I loved it. The art was good and the story was just amazing! I mean, who doesn’t want a boyfriend who hot and completely devoted to you? It’s pretty obvious why Riiko chose Night over Soshi, though I do feel sorry for him to some extent, since he lost his childhood friend and crush to a robot.

The story had its ups and downs and many bumps along the road. The many obstacles they faced and the romance between Riiko and Night were the highlight of this manga. Every time it just proves how much Night cares for Riiko, which is so sweet!

And it’s not the typical “happily ever after” story either. The ending was very tragic and heartwrenching, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It just makes the whole manga perfect.

Rating: 10/10

Momo: Momo-chan wants a zettai kareshi too, noda!

Me: How about Piko?

Momo: Piko is like a fly, noda. So annoying, noda.


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  1. Have you seen the drama? It’s pretty different from the manga- Rikka is working in a sweets company, and Soshi is her rich playboy coworker! The manga is much better (IMHO), but Mokomichi Hayami’s hotness makes up for it! (Or Mizushima Hiro as Soshi, if you prefer!)

    • No, I haven’t seen the drama, but whenever i type “zettai kareshi” i see pictures of it! :) Should I watch it? Since there’s no anime for Zettai Kareshi.

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