I want Shugo Chara Flow Cards!


I went on taobao (a chinese version of amazon.com, except cheaper, faster, and with more stuff) to look for random anime and manga merchandise, not actually planning on buying any, when I saw shugo chara flow cards!!!!

They’re so awesome!!!!! I saw Amu holding them in the anime and I went online searching for info about the cards but apparently, nobody knows how to play them because they’re in Japanese?

Well, I asked the seller on taobao and he/she said that three sets each have a Chinese rule book in them, so I’ll be able to play! I know there are many sets so I’ll just buy the thirty card pack with the Chinese rule book.

If I’m able to get it, I’ll definitely translate the rules into English and post it here so people owning the cards will be able to play!

Yay! My mom says I can get it if I really want to, and I do!! Everybody loves the Shugo Chara flow cards, they’re like ten times better than the ordinary anime tarot cards! Not including the Sakura Cards of course. Anime original tarot cards like the shugo chara flow cards and the sakura/clow cards are the best!!!!

Momo: Momo-chan wants to play with tarot cards, noda!


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  1. OMG They’re awesome, if they could have it for evry anime that would be even better!!!! i wish i could hv hehe *_*

    • ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!!!! Flow cards should be original to Shugo Chara! If they had it for every anime, then it’ll just become like those ordinary anime tarot cards they have for every anime! It would totally ruin the meaning of the flow cards!

      Everybody remembers how they started about a million rumors about Shugo Chara, for example the Cross Egg being Amu’s fifth egg and Ami’s shugo chara, etc. Plus, they first appeared when Amu went to “Nadeshiko’s” house for a sleepover. It would be terrible if they became general anime merchandise and not the amazing tarot cards original to SC.

      Sorry about my ranting back there. I think it would be nice if all animes had their own anime original cards that appear in the anime or manga though, that would be fun.

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