Hyuuga Saki dangles Sailor Venus’s Head


First off, I would like to make it clear that I did NOT pull of Minako’s head on purpose. It came off itself because of the bad quality, being a figure bought in China :P And it wasn’t even cheaply priced, like most anime merchandise sold in China! I mean, I could probably get the Sailor Venus figure for 10 or maybe 15 yuan on taobao! Depending on the quality and the producer, of course.

Btw, 1 USD is more or less equivalent to 7 yuan.

Saki I bought in Japan, of course, so we won’t be needing to doubt the quality of her. :P

I like playing around with my anime figurines and putting merchandise from different anime together. Then taking pictures of it and putting it on Shoujo MangAnime. :)

Isn’t it interesting to see all the different kinds of anime merchandise there is?

I don’t have much variety, seriously. Mostly figurines and maybe some stuff I got in Japan during a vacation when I was younger.

Plus, the merchandise I buy does not necessarily come from an anime I like. Just so you know.

If you have any interesting merchandise you would like to post here as well, please say so in the comments section or send it to me by email (mariax.gp@gmail.com) and I will make sure I post it and say who contributed it! :D

Momo: Why isn’t there any merchandise of Momo-chan, noda?

Me: Well, you’re not an anime, Momo.

Momo: Why not, noda? I want an anime about Momo-chan, noda! With lots and lots of cake, noda!

Me:  You and me both, kid.


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