Tsubasa Kuronikuru


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“Syaoran, Sakura, Kurogane, Fai and Mokona’s journey through to different world’s continue as they search for Sakura’s feathers. The fated journey slowly becomes more complicated for our travelers, as they find themselves diving deeper into more dangerous worlds. Takes place immediately after the first season. Based on the manga by CLAMP.”

The first few episodes of Tsubasa were awesome, Maria also liked them. However the storyline is sooo complicated, unless you read the manga, you’ll never know the true ending. Although this anime belongs in the shonen section however I’m still here to recommend it, because it has mahou as well, and it is actually linked with Cardcaptor Sakura. The anime is also really good, especially the background music, it is fantastic and melodious! Maria thinks its depressing, yeah I admit it is in some parts, however it’s so heart touching. Syaoran sacrificed himself and he’ll never be able to appear in Sakura’s memory and have a love relationship with her, to be able to save Sakura’s life.

“Since this is basically a continuation from the first season, I copied most of my review from Tsubasa Chronicle and put it here with a few changes:

Tsubasa RESERVOIR Chronicle (TRC) – the anime – showed a lot of promise from its very first episode. However, because of the fact that TRC is aired during the children’s hour in Japan, which limits exactly the kind of content they are allowed to put into this anime, and as a result, have disappointed many viewers thinking they would be witnessing a story that was close to what was written in the manga by CLAMP. However, despite all of that, Tsubasa Chronicle still shapes up to be a relatively enjoying series, if you can get through a couple of the more slower arcs and horrendous fillers. The second season is full of more of the same as with the first season, but with more fillers in my mind.

The animation, is pretty much the same as it was with the first season. CLAMP does an excellent job in that department.

Yuki Kaijura has once again put together a very beautiful soundtrack to go along with the second season. He has presented us with more emotional and beautiful scores to go along with the anime and you will find yourself humming a lot of the tunes.

The second season is pretty much a slow continuation from the first season. However, I feel it goes even slower than the first and you just feel like your being cheated out of the potential of a very good anime. However, because it is shown during the children’s hour, that may be a plausible reason that the potential is not being reached. Again, if you have the patience to put up with slow progress and fillers, the relationship between Sakura and Syaoran is what makes this anime worth it.”——vindemon64

I think Fai and Kurogane are pretty well characters as well, Fai is so handsome and yasashi, Kurogane acts like an adult and is very responsible. The anime was an amazing thing created by Clamp. However basically everything from the 2nd season except the first few are filler episodes. The OVA is very bloody however this is the only part where you get to know more about what exactly happened to Wyaoran and Sakura. The manga explains everything and Sakura is so pretty with the white, mokona and fai are soooo cute.



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  1. The first anime series don’t really carry the air of impending doom like in the manga. Then again, the first few chapters of the manga are light and fluffy so it is understandable. The bloody OVA you mentioned above is, I assume, the Tokyo Revelation, ne? Yeah, it is pretty dark in the manga too. :)

    • Thanks for commenting! Sorry for the late reply, Stephanie didn’t have time to reply to you.

      I think Tsubasa is just to bloody for my type, and way too depressing.

      “Syaoran sacrificed himself and he’ll never be able to appear in Sakura’s memory and have a love relationship with her, to be able to save Sakura’s life.” – Steph

      That’s really touching, I think so too, but seriously, for something as heart wrenching and depressing as that at the beginning, you’d see why a SHOJO fan like me would be turned off, you know. Since this is shounen, after all.

      Yuu Watase’s ending for Zettai Kareshi was super depressing, but it was a very good ENDING to an amazing romance manga. For something as depressing as that to come in the beginning, well…

      But I like Chobits and Detective Conan, and those are shonen.
      Basically, anything with a good romance in it really makes me happy ^__^

    • Sorry for not replying, i’ve been kind of busy, thanks for looking through our blog lately. I’ve read this manga, i do agree with you.

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