Stardust Wink Chapter 1


Wooooah, look at that! Two winking hot guys and a pretty girl in the middle. This page totally screams LOVE TRIANGLE!!!!

Love Ribon. All my favorite mangas are in Ribon. :P

And……. here’s my disclaimer (I really don’t know how to write one and I’m not about to break the law, so I’m just going to write a few short sentences about what everybody already knows):

I do not own Stardust Wink, this manga was written and drawn by Haruta Nana. I do not own these manga scanlations either, the ones in this post all belong to Starry Heaven, which I got from I have linked all of them, which I think should be okay…

The commentary, however, is my own and I would be grateful if you wouldn’t copy and paste it without mentioning who said it (which is me, obviously) and linking it. Thank you. :)

Kyaa~ greeted by the bishies on the first page into the manga!! >_

Who do you think is hotter? :P

IMHO, Hinata is WAY hotter (the guy on the left)!!! I’m not saying that Sou isn’t good looking, but his hair is weird and so are his eyes, which makes him look like f0x, or a rat. In a bad way. No offense.

Based on looks, I would totally go for Hinata. But don’t EVER base feelings completely on looks.

But it can be a really big part of it. ;P

Wow, start off with the fangirling, why don’t we? Of course, hot guys have their little fan clubs, and they’re all freaking out because there’s some weird girl walking to school with their crush.


But the perfect beginning!!!!

Then Anna starts blaming Sou and Hinata for winking at the girls and making them fall in love with them. Of course, Hinata and Sou are nonchalant.

Then Hinata says he can’t wink!! LOL, but I don’t think everybody can. I can barely manage one, and I look constipated when I do. :P

Hinata tries to wink:

Chibi Hinata is soooooooooo kawaii!!!!!!!!!! :D Chibi Sou just looks like he has empty sockets.

Though I prefer Sou’s personality to Hinata. Sou is much funnier and friendly.

Can’t say the same about my personality, though. I clam up whenever I have to meet another one of my parents’ good friends or talk to somebody else my age.

Unless they’re my friends. But the friends I don’t see on a regular basis I still feel awkward with. I have to “warm up” to them before I actually start talking. Cos I’m shy like that.


Anyway, I digress.

Cute!!!!!! Baby Hinata and Sou! Sou is so much cuter when he’s younger!

But why won’t these people understand that Anna is not going out with either of them?????

Damn, it sucks to be misunderstood like that, especially by the cool sempai you’ve been crushing on for a year!!!!! D:

Then Anna has a conversation with her two girl best friends about her love life and then freaks out when she finds out she may never get a boyfriend because she hangs around her two boy childhood friends too much!

After school, her mom gives her some tupperware dinner to bring to Sou.

Then we get to meet Sou’s pretty onee-chan! :D

Of course, the pretty onee-chan is irresponsible concerning her little brother and lives with her boyfriend.

And arouses Anna’s interest on purpose. HE HE HE

Ooh, then Anna finds out that Sou has been secretly dating a girl from their school!!!!!

Such a cute girl, too, but kinda manipulative if you ask me. Thank God Sou broke up with her.


Anna has this wacky idea of losing to Sou because he got a girlfriend before she got a boyfriend…

So she tries to get one herself.



Hee hee, I like where this is going…


Then, Enomoto says: “Sure. Plus, you’re cute!” with a perfect smile.

Just like that!

But seriously, why wouldn’t he say no? He goes to an ALL BOYS school. It’s not like there’s much chance of him getting lots of girls.


But seriously, Anna fell in love with Enomoto because he’s good looking? YOUR CHILDHOOD FRIENDS ARE GOOD LOOKING. WHY AREN’T YOU FALLING IN LOVE WITH THEM, THEN???

And not because of personality!!!!! And she even has the nerve to actually say that Enomoto must have a “handsome personality” because he is handsome????


Of course, the shoujo manga main girl has to be a naive little middle schooler who dreams about getting a guy she barely knows.

Ha. Ha. Ha. D:

But even if shojo can be predictable and have stupid characters, THEY HAVE THE BEST ROMANCES!!!!!!!!! :D AND THE HOTTEST GUYS AND THE CUTEST GIRLS IN THEM!!!!!!!!! AND THE BEST STORIES!!!!!!!!!! ESPECIALLY ARINA TANEMURA’S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND HER NEW MANGA HAS BEEN OUT FOR 6 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!


I digress.

And right after the “cool Hinata” moment, we get:

Enomoto is not bad, he’s very nice and everything… but he’s not, you know, ever going to end up with Anna, obviously.


Yeah, SURE, invite your boyfriend to your room on the first date!


But then when he tries to make a move on her, Anna goes:

What will happen next???? D:


Read Stardust Wink!

This was a very long post filled with nonsensical comments from me and lots of manga scanlations. But since this is the first ever manga chapter, I have to make it longer so you will get the intro and know the story.

For the following chapters, however, I will do short posts.

With cliffhanger questions. HE HE HE


Okay, so that’s all for today! Momo’s sick today, so she’s not saying anything.







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