Stardust Wink 2



*Maria’s eyes grow wider

and wider


and then they POP  like balloon*


Plus, it’s not like everyone wasn’t expecting this to happen. Since they had it all written down in the synopsis on

Oh and, the fact that it’s pretty obvious that Sou likes Anna. In that way.

*gasps from the audience*

*eye rolling from most shojo readers*


Not that I hate Stardust Wink or am insulting it on purpose or anything. Stardust Wink is fine. More than fine.

But you’ve gotta admit, it’s been pretty predictable so far. And a very typical shoujo storyline.

I’d just really love to say that this manga really puts other shoujo manga to shame because of its originality and wit, because heck, I can’t.

Though I can say that Arinacchi’s mangas really put mangas like Stardust Wink to shame.


Because I have faith in Haruta Nana.


Ooh, and I nearly forgot. Here’s my disclaimer:
I do not own Stardust Wink, this is a manga written and drawn by Haruta Nana. The manga scanlations here all belong to Starry Heaven, and I got them from

The commentary is mine, however, so please do not use it without quotation marks, who said it and a link to where it came from.


Anyway, here comes Hinata.

Wow, what a tattletale, Anna! Don’t you know that Sou wouldn’t want Hinata to know about his confession???

Then Sou drags Anna away and hisses: “Don’t tell Hinata about this. Because this is a problem between us only.”

I am starting to like Rui. She’s very straightforward about things, isn’t she? Though that often causes Anna to become a complete an utter baby, worrying about this and acting out rashly.

Trust Anna to come up with a theory as stupid as that. That girl is so dense.

Anna goes on about her theory for a little bit and Rui comments on it. Then finally, Hime pops the most important question.

Hime: So, are you going to reject Sou?

Anna: This is not a matter of properly rejecting him or not! I need to talk to Sou properly to sort this out.


Anna makes a dramatic exit.


Wow, Anna actually sounds quite reasonable here! And pretty ^_^ It would totally work if it was actually the way she thought it was.

But it never is.

Finally, she gets it.

I suppose we would all do the same if we were in Anna’s position, don’t you think?

It’s not her fault that she’s taking this long to get it. It’s her life, after all.

Well, what did you expect? That he would smile, apologize and leave you alone?? You said his feelings were a JOKE. Oh yeah, guys really love that.

Then Anna chases Sou down the stairs, but of course Sou ignores her, so of course Hinata appears and Anna goes over to Hinata to tattle on Sou. Again.

After lots of fighting, Hinata stares at them and says: “I spoil you guys way too much.”

Then declares coolly that he’s on neither side and that they should get to class because the bell just rung.

RIGHT ON! Obviously the most mature and fair of the group.

OK. Then again, maybe not.

Woaaaaahh, right on, Hinata!


Then Anna goes to find Sou and asks him why he likes her.

When he doesn’t respond, she talks about what “liking someone” is. She said she thought she liked Enamoto.

Anna: But when he tried to kiss me, I thought, “How disgusting”

That is SO COOL, Anna, especially your face when you said it!!! LOL


Ooh, guess what Sou says!

Sou: “Okay, then do you want to try it?”



Now I:

a) am too lazy to keep uploading the scanlations

b) gotta go practice the piano

c) want to hurry up and finish the chapter without uploading or commenting

So, if you wanna read Stardust Wink, go read it yourself. ;)


No cliffhanger question this time, and it wasn’t short (sorry), but next time I will start summarizing the whole chapter with only one or two of my favorite scanlations from that chapter. I think it’s better that way. Cos this is too time consuming.


Momo: Momo-chan is not sick anymore, noda!



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