Arina’s New Manga- Fudanjuku Monogatari Scoop


Arinacchi’s new manga, Fudanjuku Monogatari (The Fudanjuku Story)!

It will be published in the 16th issue of Shueisha’s Margaret Magazine on July 20th! Already passed, but we need it translated so we can read it too!!!!! :D Too bad I only read Chinese, not Japanese. Well, I can read a little Japanese, but only Hiragana and I’m not very fluent in Japanese either. Most scanlators don’t work from Chinese scans because they increase the probability in error from the original.

Here’s some info about FM from Anime News Network:

“Fudanjuku is actually the male alter ego of the seven-member female idol group Nakano Fujo Sisters (Yatterman). The members of Nakano Fujo Sisters (both as themselves and as Fudanjuku) present themselves as otaku. Fudanjuku leader Yōsuke Shijūin — the alter ego of Nakano Fujo Sisters member Yōko Inui and a self-professed cosplay otaku — confessed an interest in cosplaying as characters from Tanemura’s works.

Tanemura revealed at the conference that she decided to draw a shōjo manga of Fudanjuku when she attended the group’s concert for the first time. She then pitched the project to the editors of Margaret magazine. Tanemura has serialized most of her work in Shueisha‘s Ribon magazine, so this will be her first work in Margaret. She explained that she plans to complete the manga in seven chapters, so she decided to serialize it faster in the semi-monthly Margaret instead of the monthly Ribon.

The manga will run as an omnibus of seven self-contained stories — one for each of the members. The first chapter will feature the member Kojirō Akazono (Yuka Konan). The compiled book volume for the manga will go on sale in early 2012. Margaret magazine first revealed Tanemura’s plans for a new manga series last month.”



I’m very happy for Arinacchi too, since every face and hairstyle I see in that picture above is notably different, which shows what a good mangaka she is and how much she has developed in her drawing! :D Plus I actually see some new faces and hair that Arinacchi has never drawn before!!!! YAY!!!!!

Here are some comments about FM from Anime News Network Forums:

MyaowJoined: 20 Dec 2007
Posts: 388
PostPosted: Thu Jun 16, 2011 9:14 am Reply with quote
Weird and cute! Not at all what I think most of us were expecting from her new series, but it’s cool to see Arina try new things! I don’t think she’s ever written a manga that focuses primarily on male characters.
kel aka gandyJoined: 25 Jul 2009
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 17, 2011 12:33 am Reply with quote
st_owly wrote:
Will she be working on 2 series at once or is Sakura Hime finished/going on hiatus?

Two at once unless she suddenly announces a hiatus for SHK. It’s on the Ribon site for being in the August issue (out July). It could go on hiatus after that, but for a series that’s going to be in Margaret for 4 months tops (7 chapters=7 issues=3.5 months), I doubt she’ll put it on hiatus. Chapters in Margaret are usually shorter anyway, and with the number of assistants Arinacchi supposedly has she’ll be fine.

I’m most interesting in whether she’ll treat the members as males or crossdressing females. Also in the chances of this getting licensed by Viz…

OK, now here’s what we’ve all been waiting for…. PICS OF ARINACCHI AND THE IDOL GROUP FROM COMIC NATALIE!!!

P.S. I do not own these pictures or Fudanjuku Monogatari!!!! I have linked the pictures to where I got them from.

yay! Arinacchi <3

Who doesn’t love Arinacchi?


Kidding. But every shojo manga reader should really read her manga. She’s, like, the Queen of Shoujo. Two of them have been made into anime, which aren’t as good as the manga (obviously) but pretty good anyway!!

Momo: Momo-chan wants to be drawn by Arina-sensei once too!


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  2. I love Arina manga!!She drew pretty good,i wanted to draw like her! KEEP MAKING GREAT COMIC MANGA BOOKS!!!!!!!ARINA THE BEST!!!!!WO WO WO!!!!

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