Maria’s Summer MangAnime Wish List ^__^


And here comes my Summer Wish List of MangAnime Merchandise! :D Let’s get ready for some serious fangirling!

P.S. this can be related to anything Japan.


1. Arina Tanemura’s 15th Anniversary CD “Junai Tenshi”

Oh my GOD!!! :D Last night I was surfing the net for Arinacchi stuff when I saw THIS!! I had no idea that Arinacchi had a CD!!!!! That has songs for all her heroines, that is so ridiculously cool!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! >__<

I want it so badly, but apparently it’s not very easy to get. Sigh. Well, I heard that you can get it at comiket, which is pretty much impossible for me…. UNLESS! I was talking about visiting Japan with Stephanie, if we could just go to Tokyo at the right time ^_^ Anyway, Comiket would be heaven for us!!!! It sells the rarest stuff!!! I would DIE if I could go there with Stephanie!!!!! :D


2. Vocaloid Kagamine Rin Figma FigurineRIN IS SO KAWAII!!!!!!!!!!

A few things I’ve learned from buying figma is that the clothes they wear and their hair matter A LOT. For example, like Fate Testarossa school uniform ver., she has a long skirt made of hard material so she can’t sit down or lie down, and long removable pigtails that fall off constantly. Although she has got to be one of the prettiest figures ever, it is hard to do anything with her because of this.

That is why alhtough I would so totally love to get Hatsune Miku instead of Kagamine Rin, Miku is more expensive and her pigtails are HUGE. Kagamine Rin is perfect: short pretty hair which allows more movement of the head, short clothes that allow more flexibility of the figurine, and really awesome figma extras!! Totally want, and I can just order it on taobao for my Christmas present. But I’ll have to wait. I can find it on taobao for 130 yuan, but that’s bound to be bad quality, since the price ranges from 130 to 1800 yuan!!!! So I think I’ll be safer with the 280 one, although the seller seems a little fishy, with no stars or anything.


3. Japan Seifuku

^__^ Who doesn’t want it? It’s SOOOOOOO kawaii.

Everybody who either watches anime or reads manga (or both) wants seifuku!!!!! It’s so awesome!!!!!!


4. Yukata

I’d totally love to have this!!!!!!! Then go to a Summer Festival in Japan with Stephanie! *shines*

Even though it might not ever happen, but hey, who knows! ^__^


5. Utau’s Uniform (Cosplay minus the wig)

Just because it’s so kick-ass!!!!! >__< Plus, Utau has to be one of my favorite characters in manga AND anime!!!!!!

It would be awesome if in my school all the girls wear Utau’s uniform and all the boys wear Ikuto’s uniform, and then go to class. A bit like the seifuku in Love Monster (manga). I quit reading Love Monster though, because it’s so erotic.

The wig is just dreadful, though, so let’s not count that as part of the cosplay I’m talking about!


6. Utau Figurine


This is really, really hard to find. Seriously, I don’t know anybody who has this!! It’s an amazing Utau figure! I have the chibi one but I like this better because it’s more realistic, you know?? Sigh. Never gonna get this though. It’s okay. I don’t mind. A girl can dream. Sighhhhh..


7. Cute Onigiri Key Chain

SOOOOOOOOO kawaii!!!!!! Don’t you think so????? Onigiri is so cute, AND delicious! Ooh, especially yaki onigiri!!!!!

I’d love to have one of those cute onigiri key chains! ^__^

I know it doesn’t exactly come from a manga/anime, so could I count it as Furuba merchandise? :P



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