Pink, Blue/Black & Blonde Love Triangle


Every story writer tries to make all their characters have different colored hair. Why? I think it’s pretty obvious why. To make their characters all different (duh) and give them individuality, plus more variety is always better. :) And you don’t want couples who look a lot alike walking around in manga, novels or anime, that’s boring.

So anime producers and manga artists do the same. Except, in the manganime world, hair color gets a bit more… creative. If you know what I mean. :P

Therefore, love triangles in anime often consist of three characters with pink, black/blue and blonde hair.

Why? Well, they’re most contrasting three colors for anime/manga hair!


Pink hair is used on female anime characters almost all the time, because it is kawaii ^__^ look at all the pretty pink haired anime girls, e.g. Amu, Lacus Clyne, Hinagiku, etc.

Blue and black are used on the male most of the time, especially dark blue and black, because it looks cool :)

And blonde is sometimes used on a girl and sometimes a boy, so you could call it the unisex color. :P

Take a look at these animes:


Ikuto= Blue

Amu= Pink

Tadase= Blonde



Masaya= Black

Ichigo= Pink

Ryou= Blonde

Ichigo ends up with Masaya in both the anime and manga- there was not competition in the first place, but I think this was an error on the mangaka’s part. No offense. I mean, everyone knows the couples who fight a lot at the beginning are the best! Everybody knows the guy teases the girl and drives her nuts all the time, then she gets jealous because of somebody stepping in and realizes her feelings for him!!!! Or falls in love with him gradually and realizes her feelings when he confesses his love.

I hate couples where the girl falls in love with the guy because he acts gentle and looks hot and that guy really has no personality at all, just a gentle king character like Tadase who is completely not suited for Amu.


Sasuke= Black

Sakura= Pink

Naruto= Blonde

I haven’t seen this anime, only the first few episodes. Might consider rewatching.

I’ll have to say Sasuke x Sakura though, since many Amuto fans say so. Plus, pink and black match. :)

I hear many people say that Naruto is supposed to end up with Hinata?


Hayate= Blue (Don’t be fooled, Hayate is a guy!!)

Hinagiku= Pink

Nagi= Blonde

I know Hinagiku isn’t going to end up with Hayate, she’s just part of the harem for Hayate (sort of, since so many girls like him).

But it does count as a love triangle. And their hair colors match.


Takuto= Blue

Milfuelle= Pink

Ranpha= Blonde

Haven’t seen this, only heard of this and read a few pages of the manga (beginning). Personally, I think that the picture of Takuto holding Ranpha is really awesome, but I’m not judging who should be together just by that.


Well, some of us hate love triangles… and some of us love them. Sigh. I know Stephanie hates love triangles. She gets upset when the other party interferes with a perfectly good relationship. Well, so do I. I get revved up when there are love triangles, especially when shooting down the other couple (DIE, TADAMU), since I hate it when I see the wrong couple together in front of my face (TADAMU-TADAMU-TADAMU-D:). Buuuuuut… I don’t exactly hate them. They are necessary, I guess. A necessary existence. But Shugo Chara fandom is very scary. The Amuto and Tadamu issue is very serious there.

But rational people just know that Amuto is the correct choice. I’m not being biased and unreasonable!! I mean, Amuto won in the manga! The manga is the basis of the entire story, anime and all, and I hate Satelight for destroying a perfectly good couple without blinking an eye just because they think Tadamu looks better. EVEN THOUGH IT TOTALLY DOESN’T.

Anyway, I digress.


It just all boils down to this……

Pink haired girls rule!!!!!!!!

He he, kidding. :)



7 responses »

    • Thanks! ^__^ But I’m sure everyone noticed this!! :)

      I won’t actually start yelling at you about tadamu, don’t worry! XD
      But I’m curious, did you read watch the anime or read the manga (or both)?

      Ooh, are you more of a shonen fan or shoujo? Since you’ve read/watched Meitantei Conan but your gravatar is Kobato and you’ve watched/read Shugo Chara? Since Kobato is, I think, Shoujo since that’s what wikipedia and other websites say. :P

      • I’ve read only volume 8 of the Shugo Chara manga (since that’s the only Shugo Chara volume I have), but I do want to watch it!!

        I’m more of a shoujo fan. Shoujo is my life :)) I’m veery outdated with Detective Conan as of now (though I watched a bit of the London Arc. Yay! RanShin! A love story for the shoujo fan girl ^_^). And I think too that Kobato is a shoujo manga/anime. Her wardrobe is so shoujo, there’s romance, and the drawing is way too cute ^_^

        Cheers for shoujo manga/anime! Cardcaptor Sakura, Kobato, Shugo Chara, La Corda d’Oro, Kitchen Princess… I just love them ^_^

      • Oh, xxxHolic and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle aren’t in the shoujo genre, but I love those series too ^_^ . Let’s just say I love everything CLAMP :D

  1. @Alyssa Mihara (sorry i couldn’t find the reply button on the fourth comment):
    I love CLAMP too, but I love Arinacchi more!!
    Do you know Arina Tanemura? She’s my favorite mangaka and she always will be :) Since you like shoujo, I just have to tell you that Arinacchi draws the best shoujo manga ever. You can see my post on why i love arinacchi! :D

    The London Arc was fantastic. But I skipped form 500 and something eps to 620 so I was cheating :P I haven’t watched Detective Conan in a really long time too.

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