I’m off!


It’s 6:25 am right now and I’m feeling kinda sick because I slept at 12 last night. But it’s not big deal since I feel sick when I don’t get enough sleep all the time.

Well, actually, it only started this summer, but whatever, I expected it.

I slept at 12 because we were watching a good Chinese TV Show and it went up till 10:30 because they had to broadcast 4 instead of 2 episodes last night, since they didn’t broadcast the two episodes yesterday to report more info on the train accident (the train crashed into the one in front and it broke off and practically fell off the railway, which was a good 20/30meters aboveground!!!). Then we had to do some extra packing, since we only packed clothes the night before.
Well, we gotta leave at 7 am so I have to go eat breakfast. ^__^

The next time I will be posting will probably be at the hotel!!

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