Where’s Mandarake? 1st day in Tokyo!


After a 3 hour flight (which I slept through) in the morning and a one hour bus ride from Haneda Airport to Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku, the lady at the reception couldn’t find our reservation and wasted some time before just giving us the room anyway. Then we threw out luggage in the room and left to go to Mandarake (Shibuya).

I am going to quote text from my journal, which I was writing in whenever I had the chance:

“We’re off the plane now, and I’m finding it absolutely hilarious watching them speak such fast Japanese to my completely clueless mother. It’s so cute! It’s so fun to be in a country where you don’t understand the language. I love Tokyo :)” – Maria at Haneda Airport

“The Airport toilets are so cool! They are those high tech ones with the butt spray and seat warming and the toilet cubicle even has folding doors!!” – Maria at Haneda Airport

“OK, I take it back. Not knowing the language is tough. It can eve be downright horrible sometimes, even. We got lost going to the Shibuya Mandarake and had to ask a gazillion Japanese people on the street, whom all unsuccessfully tried to explain to us where the Shibuya Station was (the one with the JR Yamanote Line). Since we could only find the Shinjuku ones (with no JR Yamanote Line).

Finally, we gave up and just called a taxi. Then we had to try explaining to the driver about where we wanted to go, which took some time (ok, a LOT), but we did get to the right area in the end and had a nice Japanese guy lead us to Mandarake (basement 2 floors down in BEAM).

I went in and was like: “OMG there’s so much stuff I can’t read!”

But luckily for me, I am Chinese and Arinacchi’s name is all Chinese characters so I could write it down without having to memorize beforehand. Thanks to that, I got:

A ShinKuro Art book (which is GORGEOUS!! I gave up the KKJ and Sakura Hime Kaden Art Book because it was too expensive)

The Seventh Volume of Full Moon wo Sagashite in Japanese (Believe it or not, manga make great starter textbooks)

The Seventh Volume of Momo in Japanese

Some Figurines

2 Card Captor Sakura CDs

2 Shugo Chara CDs

Figma is too expensive so I didn’t buy any. I did see Kagamine Rin, but I might buy it later in the Akihabara Mandarake.

For dinner, we had some “Japanese Fast Food” at a restaurant called Tenkaippin. Ramen, dumplings, spring rolls and fried chicken nuggets ;P.”
Then it took forever to get back to the hotel and I spent an hour doing research on the two sightseeing spots we’re going to go to tomorrow, so we don’t get lost again. This time, we asked a guy at the reception. His English was much better than the other two girls we asked before, and he knew just the maps to show us, and we were all crystal clear on where to go because of him. Thank you! ^__^

And now, it’s late and we must get up early tomorrow for the train! More photos tomorrow! :D

Here’s me scribbling in my Journal on the street! XD

And a busy Tokyo!




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