Dolphins, Sea Lions and Mosquitoes! 2nd Day in Tokyo


Man, what a day! But because I did my homework well last night, today was not as tiring as yesterday was!!! :D

We successfully took the train to Komagome! And even managed to walk all the way to Rikugien Garden, only asking for directions once! Well, the signs helped, but they’re in Japanese and I wouldn’t have known it meant Rikugien Garden if I hadn’t done research last night! So clap, clap clap…

Rikugien is pretty, I guess, and very GREEN. It must be a good place to visit in the autumn, or maybe the spring when you can see the sakura flowers!!! By Sakura, I mean cherry blossom, but everybody should know that, since it’s Japan’s national flower. :) Anime and manga otakus especially!

Anyway, this garden’s like a mosquito’s NEST (obviously, since there are so many trees and plants), and there are crickets everywhere. The pond is nice and the island in the middle of the pond is beautiful, but it’s closed so no entry :( It’s a nice place to take a walk though, especially if you live in the area since admission is only 300 yen (which is super cheap, considering it’s Japan, equivalent to $3 maybe).

For folks wanting to go to Rikugien, take my advice and choose the right season. I knew it was going to be hot and green there, since it’s natsuyasumi (the summer holidays) after all, but I thought that would be all right. Well, anyway, I’d suggest Autumn. Definitely. Too bad most students like me can’t go, since we don’t get long breaks in the Autumn, although there is Thanksgiving (USA) and the Mid Autumn Festival (China).

We did get some nice souvenirs there, though we got bitten by mosquitoes while we were at it. :P


Then we successfully took the train to Shinagawa without having to ask for directions or anything at all, where we ate pasta for lunch. Here’s some stuff I wrote in my journal:

“We’re getting ready to tour the Epson Aqua Stadium! Dolphins! Yay! :) I love aquariums, so I can’t wait! And this one has dolphins!!!!!! I LOVE DOLPHINS!!!!!!”

“Ooh, soup of the day is here. And it smells divine. I didn’t think creamy potato soup looked like this! :D”

“Even though we’re in Japan and all, and we should be eating Japanese food instead of western, but this restaurant is very nice and it’s right outside the aquarium!”

“Oh my God! The ice tea Mom ordered for me was too bitter and then I tried to add some sugar but I was absent minded and accidentally poured all the sugar in! It was SNOWING on the ice cubes! XD But then it still didn’t make much of a difference and I didn’t want to down so much sugar so I added some water and just drank a little.”

“SOOOOOOO CUUUUUUUUUTE!!!!!! OMG the dolphins were amazing!!! They jumped really high in the air and flipped and did lots of tricks, even purposefully splashing water on the first few rows with their tails! They’re so cute, and they all have Japanese names! Lucky ducks.”

“They even know how to spin in the air!!! And the ppl surf on them too. They swim so FAST! They can go around the pool in five seconds!”

“When it was time to leave, they all waved their tails at us! >__< KAWAII!!!! Thank God we sat in the last row, or we’d be sopping wet with broken cameras by now. :P They give you 100 yen disposable raincoats if you sit in front, though. We were planning to take pictures one time and then watch the show again on the first row but decided not to because we didn’t have time and we didn’t want wet shoes.”

I will post the pictures of dolphins later, there are too many. I have to sort and upload.


Then we went to see the Sea Lion show, which was equally amazing! Here:

“Aww, the sea lions were adorable!!! They did all sorts of tricks and blew kisses at us!! XD And one sea lion couldn’t do this one trick and she covered her face with her flipper in embarrassment!!!! XD SOOOOOO KAWAII!!!!!!!”

I highly recommend both shows. Although the aquarium is not the biggest I’ve been to, but the shows are to die for and the gift shop is way, way cool. I bought good stuff there. Stephanie, I got you a present!! :P
Anyway, I gotta do more homework (finding Japanese names of places and things so it’s easier to communicate). We’re going to Harajuku tomorrow, the Oriental Bazaar (Japanese Souvenir Mall ^__^) and Daiso Harajuku (Biggest 100 Yen shop in Tokyo).

Bye!!!! :D



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