Favorite OTPs!!!!! >__<


For those who do not know what OTPs are, I will explain ^__^

OTP= One True Pairing

Though I believe you are allowed to have more than one OTP. Since I have A LOT. XD But it’s not like OTPs are just any pairing you support. OTPs are the ones that you support like CRAZY.

And I will be listing my TOP faves here!!! I will not list most favorites to least favorites because that’s not fair, since it really depends how long it has been since I’ve watched that anime or read that manga. So the ones here are the ones I still feel strongly for, despite having watched the anime or read the manga a super long time ago.

Btw, these pics and pairings do not belong to me. I’m just putting them here and commenting on them!! :D I have linked them to where I got them from, so please forgive me if I not following the rules properly. I am really hazy about copyright.

Ok, here we go!

USAGI X MAMORU from Sailor Moon

I’ve always loved this couple. Their relationship was so sweet in the first season, which was the only one I completed watching. I only watched bits of the second and third because the DVDs I bought were sort of in mixed order, and I wasn’t too keen on the “Chibiusa steals Mamoru part” to continue.

Anyway, I love Usagi x Mamoru! From the first time they met in the anime, everyone just knew they were to be together. And the second season, when Mamoru forgot Usagi, man that was just heartbreaking! :'( I mean, it was like Kaitou forgetting about Luchia all over again! And then when Mamoru rejected Usagi later, and Usagi started eating in the middle of the night, I started crying to, it was just so sad how everybody picks on Usagi and how heartbroken she is. I loved that episode, though, since Mamoru came to rescue her, but then rejected her AGAIN. GOD, buddy, your future self is just testing your love, just be with her for God’s sake.

AMUTO from Shugo Chara

How can you even ask this question????? I mean, they are SO made for each other!!! >__<

Check out my AMUTO or TADAMU post for my rantings! I’m not going to repeat everything I said here. It takes too much space. I’ll quote some stuff from that post, though:

“I’m not saying he’s not nice, he’s just too effeminate and totally not the right person for Amu.

And it’s not me just being biased at all. Here’s the proof:

Ikuto, to keep the people he cares about (namely Amu and Tadase) away from the danger and problems that surround him, he does things that make them hate him and purposely makes misunderstandings just so that all the people he cares about will hate him and stay away from him.

There aren’t many people in the world who can do that.

Plus Ikuto, despite being a cool and distant guy, has super cute moments: (insert picture here, you can only see it in my other post).”

Plus he totally loves Amu, and Amu can’t help but be attracted to Ikuto as well. You can’t help who the girl likes, right? More quotations from my other post:

“And to think that Satelight (the producers) single-handedly destroyed this romance in the anime, purposely leaving out as many Amuto parts from the manga as possible unless necessary in the anime, including the airport scenes and how Ikuto confesses his love to Amu at the theme park.


How could they? One of the most amazing couples in the universe of manganime! This is a CRIME. Somebody good should remake Shugo Chara the way the manga was. I’d accept some differences, but you gotta draw the line when they start changing the plot and stuffing fillers everywhere they can.

I’d understand the people who support TADAMU. Although I was pretty harsh towards Tadase, he is really not a bad person. At least, in the manga he’s not. In the manga, he gives up because he knows she is supposed to be with Ikuto and wants what’s best for her. I think we should learn from the manga Tadase. The anime Tadase, however, pisses me off. Most people who read the manga support AMUTO for a reason. Drop the anime and read the manga first. You’ll come to hate Satelight like me and many others.”

KUTAU from Shugo Chara

This only happened in the manga, and I was like: why?? I read the manga after watching the anime, which I don’t regret, since I wouldn’t have even bothered watching the anime if I read the manga first, because in comparison the anime sucks so much.

Kutau is awesome! For those of you who don’t know: Kukai x Utau = Kutau

Anyway, they are so sweet and Kukai totally cheered Utau up in her worst times by taking her out for ramen and healed her broken heart and Utau, in turn, transferred her love for Ikuto to Kukai. They totally deserve to be together in the anime too. :(

KYO X TOHRU from Fruits Basket

How can anybody not love this couple? Kyo and Tohru are just so……

You know what I mean. I seriously do not want to seem repetitive when it comes to Kyo and Tohru. They are just the most awesome couple ever. When I read Furuba (the manga), I loved how their characters developed and how their love grew, it was just so sweet. How Tohru doesn’t care what Kyo becomes when he (insert spoiler :P), how her love, unlike Kagura’s, is not based out of pity. How she helps Kyo accept himself and mature.

I highly recommend reading Fruits Basket. Any shoujo fan should.

Or at least try.

YUKI X MACHI from Fruits Basket

Seriously, you have no idea how happy I was when Yuki found Machi. I was always annoyed by Yuki when he beat Kyo up for accidentally hurting Tohru. Yuki was good at the end for Kyo, but I mean, I didn’t want him to get in between Tohru and Kyo. But he totally found his own “true love” in Machi!! They are so awesome together. They’re so freaking cute together, epsecially when Yuki, for once being so dense about her, gives her presents and acts like a gentleman and makes Machi embarrassed!!! >__<

HAINE X TAKANARI from Shinshi Doumei Cross

They are awesome together. Nuff said.

He he, kidding. ;) Haine is dense and full of love and warms Takanari’s heart (which is battered from being betrayed at a young age and leading a painful life). Despite a few problems concerning Shizumasa, she learns who she really loves from the bottom of her heart, which is Takanari!!

SENRI X USHIO from Shinshi Doumei Cross

Ooh, Senri, you bad health teacher. Hitting on a high school girl ;P

This has got to be my favorite couple out of all couples!! Seriously, I am not kidding! I’ve always loved teacher-student love in manga (not real life) and Senri x Ushio just seal the deal! They would, I guess, count as a side pairing, but hey, all pairings apart from Haine x Takanari are side pairings! But they’re the best side pairing ever!!!!! I mean, Senri helped Ushio realize that she was wrong in forcing Haine to be her girlfriend and realizes her love for him, and in turn helps Senri recover from his broken heart (Shoukaaaa). They are so cute together, I just love watching them!! Senri is so funny like that, and Ushio is so cold, it’s so cute!

If it’s one couple I must choose as a top fave, it would be them!

Sorry I couldn’t find a bigger pic, but I just love this scene!!!! >__<

TAKUTO X MITSUKI from Full Moon wo Sagashite

Although Arinacchi draws the best Mitsukis with Eichi, this Mitsuki has got to be my favorite. It just reminds me how much they love each other and how cute they are together!!

I’ve never been quite used to couples who have the same hair color (in the manga, they sorta do), but I don’t care when it comes to Mitsuki x Takuto! Like, who cares about hair color? As long as they love each other! >__<

MARON X CHIAKI from Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne

I’m sorry I’m not as good as Maron, being able to completely forgive Noin for what he did. Although I do not hate him anymore, I still have a grudge against him. Oh well.

I love Maron, partly because she’s so pretty (EEE!), and party because we share the same birthday (DOUBLE EEE!!!), but mostly because Maron hides her pain and her tears and is strong and independent. She’s athletic, graceful and brave (everything I am so not), and she’s so in love with Chiaki, it’s so sweet. And Chiaki is so protective of her and I love it when he hugs her and starts talking about how he loves her softness and sweet citrus smell (awwwwww >__<). I love them! They come so close after Senri x Ushio!

SAKURA X SYAORAN from Card Captor Sakura and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

Ahh, here comes a couple every shoujo lover knows about! ^_^ Sakura x Syaoran!!

Their bittersweet love in Tsubasa and their cute elementary school love in CCS IS JUST TOO MUCH!!!! Sighh, they are so great together. Any mahou shoujo fan who hasn’t watched CCS should watch it right now, and anybody who loves romance and a little fighting should hurry up and watch Tsubasa!! Highly recommend! ^_^

SATO X TAKAGI from Meitantei Conan (Case Closed)

One of the best couples in Meitantei Conan!! Defnitely. I’ve never been much of a fan of police love, but this has got to be the most awesome couple ever! Takagi, a seemingly clumsy police officer who is actually very handy in emergencies, and Sato, top police officer and the sharpest knife in the drawer who is very popular among men (but doesn’t know it, ha ha)!

RANSHIN from Meitantei Conan (Case Closed)

Ah, man, Ran and Shinichi touching moment. They are childhood friends (duh) and the sweetest high school couple!! Too bad Shinichi almost never gets to come back since he turned into Conan. Poor Ran. :'(

I loved the London Arc (eps around 620), one of the best Meitantei Conan eps I’ve seen in a long time. For once, it’s not the episodic predictable banter, where somebody gets murdered or something is burned down or something gets stolen. It actually has mystery in it, and lots of Holmes references!! :D Highly recommend watching the London Arc.

CONAN X HAIBARA from Meitantei Conan (Case Closed)

I know this might upset some Ranshin supporters, and it might seem weird saying that I support Conan and Haibara right after announcing that I am a Ranshin supporter, but seriously guys, do you really think that Ran x Conan is good? I mean, I know Conan is Shinichi, but he is WAY better off with Haibara as Conan. And Stephanie totally agrees with me. If I had my way, the anime would have two alternate endings:

1. Conan stays Conan forever and realizes his love for Haibara, and has to give up Ran.

2. Conan turns back into Shinichi, uses a few episodes to confess to Ran in the most amazing way, let Ran know about all that had happen in the most interesting way, and have them be together.

Honestly, if they only pick one ending out of the two, I don’t actually mind, but I would feel incredibly sorry for Ran, because she and Shinichi are just too good together!

Maybe I should just read the manga ending and see how the anime turns out. :P

ASAHI X MITSUKI from Tsuki to Himawari

This was the sweetest story ever, and it made me cry because I know nothing as good will happen in real life. Still, it’s an amazing one shot and totally worth reading. It was so good I wrote a fanfic about it, but never posted it on fanfiction, because the system there fills my writing with typos that never existed in the first place.

Btw, I got this from Manga Fox. I don’t remember the web address so I didn’t link it. Sorry! Tsuki to Himawari and this scanlation doesn’t belong to me.


I don’t think I need to explain this one. Like, how cooler could it be? Kagome is Inuyasha’s dead lover’s reincarnation who travels back to the past, releases Inuyasha from the spell he’s under and “tames” him with her good nature and strength. Kagome is an amazing girl, which is why her figma figure is always going to be my favorite, and Inuyasha is lucky to have her. I understand he can’t put down his ties with Kikyo, but he really loves Kagome and is super protective of her, and as the series progresses, he gloats in Koga’s face when it is obvious that Kagome prefers Inuyasha to Koga (who also loves Kagome, ^_^). So funny!

NATSUME X MIKAN from Gakuen Alice

Ooh, I love this couple. Though Ruka is nice and all, Natsume and Mikan are the best together. I mean, even their alices match! Natsume is known for having a dangerous fire alice and Mikan has a nullifying alice, so Natsume’s alice won’t work on her. At first, they have the typical (but hopelessly cute) love/hate relationship, and it finally grows into love and the last few chapters were so sad. Mikan becomes Rapunzel. Sighh.

Oh God, I’m finally finished with the OTP list! Took me a good hour and a half. Jeez.

But it’s totally worth it because I got to remember how much I love each and every couple on this list!! But if it’s one one shot you guys must read, it’s Tsuki to Himawari. I mean, it’s one of my favorite one shots, and all shoujo lovers or anyone who loves a good romance REALLY should read this manga! It’s a one shot, it’s not like it’s going to take very long reading it! And it definitely won’t be a waste of your time. You can read it on Manga Fox, I think.

Anyway, thanks for reading the whole post, since I know it’s very long! ^_^ I’m immensely proud of you all! :D

And I want to thank all the amazing mangaka and anime producers who created these awesome OTPs! Thank you so much!


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  1. I really agree with your shippings (yes, even Conan x Ai :) ), though I’m actually a Tadase-Amu shipper. No hard feelings for Amu and Ikuto, it’s just that I find Tadase really cute :D. Anyway, it’s really obvious that it’s going to be Amu and Ikuto in the end ^_^.
    Sakura and Syaoran! ~

    • Seriously? Even Conan x Ai? ^_^
      I guess Tadase is cute, but he’s too effeminate. I hate guys who are like that, and I love bad boys in anime/manga. Plus Ikuto is so selfless and cute when he’s being a cat and very, very cool and he loves to tease Amu, plus Amu’s the one who saved him and even Utau understood that and let Amu have him (sort of, in the manga). Plus Amu totally likes Ikuto in the manga.
      But it’s not really obvious that it’s going to be Amuto in the end, because they didn’t end up together in the anime!!!!!! D:< SATELIGHT

      Sakura and Syaoran! ^_^

      • Yes, perhaps only a bit of Conan x Ai… but not Shinichi x Shiho! It has to be Ran! ^_^
        Really? I’m so outdated I haven’t watched Shugo Chara, only read volume 8 of the manga. But I fell in love with the cuteness of the characters and story since I was first introduced with it :D
        Anyway, I’m currently into Shugo Chara and I think it’s the best way to actually understand the love triangle… Who knows, I might even switch to Ikuto x Amu :) (But for now, I’ll ship for Amu and Tadase ^_^)

  2. I’m not familiar with most of these, but I love Inuyasha/Kagome and Kyo/Tohru! I think I have a thing for anime Bad Boys/Nice girls, even though I don’t fall for bad boy types in real life. I’m also not as sweet as those girls, either! :-P

    I’ve got say though, I’ve never been a fan of Mamoru (sorry!). He always seemed like kind of a wet blanket to me.

    Even though I love Kagome with Inuyasha, I also like Kikyo with Inuyasha, for different reasons. I really like the tragic love story between them.

    While much less epic, I really liked the Risa and Atsushi love story on Lovely Complex.

    Good idea! Someday you should write a post on your least favorite pairings!

    • High five, bad boys x nice girls forever! >__<
      Kyo and Tohru are the best, and Kagome x Inuyasha goes without saying. :P

      Mamoru was awesome in the first season, but I didn't like him much in the second season. He hurt Usagi so badly, and even though he had his reasons, I can't forgive him for making Usagi so miserable. :(

      I used to LOVE Kikyo when I was a kid, and I still do (although I love Kagome more). I liked Kikyo's ending in the final act, I thought it was a great ending.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!! :D I really appreciate it. I remember replying you, how come it didn't show up? :S I think this system is glitched. This is the second time I've tried replying to you, and they've cut off almost all of my message! Jeez, I had to retype the whole thing.

  3. @Alyssa: you’re reading the Shugo Chara manga? Good. Hope that’ll switch you to Amuto. ^_^
    You’re a fan of FuyuMaiden and you don’t share her analyzing shoujo relationships and Amuto shipping??? I think maybe it’s CLAMP, because CLAMP doesn’t have many jerky-but-actually-not guys who the girl hates at first relationships.
    Oh well. It’s all right. I totally agree with you on the Shugo Chara being the best way to understand a love triangle. For long time shoujo readers it really goes without saying that Amu ends up with Ikuto. I suggest you read more shoujo like Fruits Basket. Definitely will turn you. :) Have you read Furuba? It’s freaking amazing. Gakuen Alice is also very long, but worth it. So is Watashi ni xx Shinasai, Faster than a Kiss, and maybe Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu. Black Bird, although it’s a bit inappropriate. Arinacchi’s manga don’t really exhibit the relationship I’m talking about, but they’re still one of the best manga I’ve read. Full Moon wo Sagashite, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne and Shinshi Doumei Cross are must reads for shoujo manga lovers!!

    • I agree, maybe it’s CLAMP that I love about FuyuMaiden. And maybe a bit of shoujo? :)
      Fuits Basket… I want to read the manga, but the volumes are quite expensive here (there are no Fruits Basket on sale :( ) I heard that it has a really food story. I also asked a friend to lend me her DVD of the anime, but she told me she already lost it TT_TT. Sigh…. I like Tohru Honda (her cuteness, and her personality — as told in wikipedia ^_^ ), and I want to watch it. Oh, there’s also a love triangle in the story? I’m so loving love triangles these days ^_^
      And Gakuen Alice too! I have lots of manga/anime in my ‘want to read/watch list’ (Arina Tanemura manga included ^_^) but I can’t put watching/reading them on the ‘net in my busy schedule. Vacation from school please! :)

  4. @ Alyssa: Aiya, seems like your missing out on a lot of good manga because of the price! I feel bad because I seem to be the only one who is not against scanlations, but there is no other cheap way of reading manga! I buy Arinacchi’s manga in Japanese and English to make up for scanlations because she’s amazing but sometimes it’s okay to read scanlations if you fall in love with it and decide to buy the manga.

    Well, technically there’s a love triangle between Yuki, Tohru and Kyo but it’s really obvious from the start the Kyo and Tohru are going to be together. It just depends on how the mangaka does it. And she did it well ^__^

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  7. T__T omggg !! I agree with all your pairing!! I never thought i would like a blogger who also loved the conan x haibara pairing. They are so adorable together and she is so supportive of him :)
    Perfect couple…seriously.

    Arina-Sensei always creates the most amazing couples as well. I loved the Takuto and Mitsuki kissing scene. That manga made my day!! I also liked Meroko x Izumi, glad they had their sweet moments as well :)

    Fruits Baskets….wow…that manga changed my life XD Love it Love it!!

    Great list you have here!! Hope you make a OTP part 2 !! ;3

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