Oh, it’s shiny! Wait, what was I doing again? (via yuzuhoney)


I’m trying to memorize Japanese Kana :P

I’m using Anki too! Here’s a good grammar website:

And there’s a grammar deck on Anki, you should try it. But you have to be able to read all Japanese Kana, since there’s no romaji or anything. I had a hard time with it, so I decided to use it when I have all the kana down.

I suck at grammar too, but at least speaking is not totally failing! :)


I’ve decided I just may have the worst concentration of anyone not diagnosed with ADD. I want to study. I really do. I want to be that person who cracks open a book and can study for hours on end. More often than not, trying to study from either my “Grammar” or “Reading Comprehension” JLPT textbooks leaves my mind wandering off somewhere until I realize, oh shit, I’m supposed to be concentrating. Other times, after a bad day at work I decide I de … Read More

via yuzuhoney

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