Stupid fashion is universal (via yuzuhoney)


Haha, that’s true. Japanese people would never wear urusei yatsura t-shirts, unless they’re otakus. Which I am. I would totally die for an Arinacchi manga t-shirt!!! Don’t throw it away!! :D

Stupid fashion is universal Who knew the simple act of wearing a Urusei Yatsura T-shirt to bed would spark a culture mini battle? For those who have not experienced the joy of Uresei Yatsura, just know that it’s a delightful little gem of a 70’s manga turned anime written by Takahashi Rumiko (also known for creating Ranma 1/2 and Inuyasha). While I’m not a total otaku, I do have a soft spot for the works of Ms. Takahashi and seized the chance to get a limited edition Uniqlo … Read More

via yuzuhoney

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