Typhoon Muifa to Hit Shanghai this Weekend!


I know this doesn’t have much to do with anime/manga, but hello, I live in Shanghai! And a freaking super typhoon is COMING this weekend!! Stephanie just told me about it on the phone.

And it’s supposed to be the strongest typhoon in history.

Err, what to do?

Go down to your basement, watch out for broken glass, and have an anime marathon? :D

Actually, I just got Monte Carlo (yay, Selena Gomez!!) and Bad Teacher so we will watch that tomorrow. It’s coming at night so we’ll have lots of stuff!

But I just read something and actually, maybe not the basement. but well away from windows.

I’m going to call Stephanie (she’s in Shanghai too).



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  1. Oh my gosh, I hope you and Stephanie are okay from this typhoon!! >___<;;;
    On the bright side, Bad Teacher! Yay! I really want to see that movie. XD
    Eeep, stay safe, guys!

    • Eh, we’re both worried, but my parents are like: whatever. So are her grandparents. XD
      Usually small typhoons are ok, you just sit home with movies and anime. But Typhoon Muifa is the strongest typhoon in history so I think we should take some precautions. :)
      Bad Teacher? Ooh, one thing that’s good about China is that all the DVDs are so cheap! Bad Teacher cost around $2.99, maybe. ^__^

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