Why We <3 Arinacchi!!! (New and improved, deleted the old one)


Arina Tanemura is the best mangaka in the world! Her art is amazing and her stories are freaking FANTASTIC and I love all her characters to pieces!!!!!! >__<

She is a LEGEND.

I dare you to disagree.

Arinacchi’s “major mangas”: Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne (I own the complete set in Japanese, planning on rereading it in Jap when I have time, have read this series three times), Full Moon wo Sagashite (read this series three times as well, and bought the complete set in English. Have to support Arinacchi by paying for the manga instead of reading it online and damaging my eyes), Shinshi Doumei Cross (I am planning to slowly collect all 12 volumes of this, Time Stranger Kyoko, and Sakura Hime Kaden, are really, really genius.

The manga she draws are all shoujo but they aren’t the typical girl meets boy, love triangle, relationship issues, then throw in a childhood friend, etc. Her manga, with its one of a kind beautiful art, all have very unique and loveable characters with very deep, realistic personalities and complicated histories. The storyline and drawings show lots of originality you can’t see in any other manga! Arinacchi’s manga are the kind of manga that anybody who loves a good romance can read, and a must-read for any shoujo lover.

Arinacchi loves to surprise you all the time! I love the twists and turns, the character developments, and the heart warming moments between my favorite characters! I would list some examples of Arinacchi’s “surprises”, but I don’t want to spoil the manga for any of you manga lovers planning to read Arinacchi’s manga.


But look at Full Moon wo Sagashite. Mitsuki is a strong 12-year old girl who has a dream to become a singer to find Eichi (her love in the US), despite the tumor in her throat. When two shinigamis appear and grant her wish, turning her into a healthy sixteen year old (temporarily), she embarks on a road to pop star fame for one year before she dies. She loves singing and is very cheerful all the time, often described as “pure”. Her feelings, how she changes throughout the manga and how she finds love and friendship in the Shinigamis is really the best part. Especially her relationship with Takuto!! >__<

Despite my terrible summary there, the manga is one of the best I have ever read. It’s a very heartwarming story about love, friendship, music and how Mitsuki finds out about the pasts of herself and the shinigamis, accepts the truth and finds new love.


Now look at Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne. Maron is the reincarnation of Jeanne d’Arc (Joan of Arc) and she, along with jun-tenshi Fin Fish, seals demons in paintings as a kaitou (phantom thief). Then comes a rival and at the same time, a really hot transfer student, and things get interesting?

One thing I’ve noticed is that in FMwoS, shinigamis were the theme, which are like death gods (sort of), and in KKJ the theme is tenshi (angels). Arina-sensei is very in tune with fantasy in her mangas!!


Every Arinacchi manga has at least one side pairing, I’ve also noticed. Especially in the longer mangas, there are so many main pairings and side pairings to support (especially in ShinKuro), it’s just heaven for people like me!! I’m a real sucker for romance, in manga, anime and novels as well.

I don’t like leaving all the talk to myself, so I’m going to CP 3 paragraphs that I enjoyed reading from a blog post on Simplicity about ShinKuro.

“Some people think this chapter was a rushed ending. In fact there was someone who hated the ending. Honestly, this is exactly what I expected and was looking for. It’s a perfect Arina Tanemura ending. It reminded me a little of the Full Moon ending. The last chapter ended with an “OMG!NO!” sort of ending and the next chapter skipped past all that to go straight for the fluff. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Oh, I know! When Takuto disappeared in the second last chapter, my eyes were like O.O and I was freaking out. Nothing would’ve stopped me from flipping to the next page!! And there it was… the long awaited time skip!!!! Absolutely love Arinacchi’s endings.

“The people who are disappointed with this ending aren’t really your “Arinachi fans” but simply Arina Tanemura fans if you get my meaning. Most of these fans really like Full Moon and ShinKuro but aren’t too interested in KKJ and consider TSK to be barely worth consideration. They often think the one-shots are stupid and often don’t even know what ION is. Arinachi fans on the other hand love every single one of her manga, especially Time Stranger Kyoko. We constantly pine over what TSK could have been if Tanemura-sensei had been given proper time to work on it. We adore every one-shot because they all so clearly represent what we love about Arina Tanemura manga condesnsed into 50 pages or less. And we are very much looking forward to Mistress Fortune.

Not to say there’s anything wrong with simply “Arina Tanemura fans” or anything. I’m just pointing out the difference. These fans usually like the serious drama more than the fluff. And that’s just silly. An Arina Tanemura manga without fluff is like…a CLAMP manga without a OMGWTF twist. It doesn’t really happen. You can’t be an Arina Tanemura fan and not like fluff. Even Full Moon had a fluffy ending. Silly girls.”

I got really offended at Clare King’s quiz about How Much Do You Really Know About Arina Tanemura’s Works? I mean, it was easy for the most part, but one question was about how Takuto died. Well, duh, he jumped off a building, but he did not actually DIE, because he was half half in a coma, that’s why he was only half shinigami. That’s why I chose the option: he didn’t die. And then she marked me wrong!!! Somebody needs to get her facts straight. D:

I don’t know what she means by “fluff” but Arina’s endings are really very amazing.

And I <3 Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne!!!! Oh my God, I love how the art developed in that one, and I love how Arina draws Maron. It’s not how she draws Mitsuki or Haine, but Maron’s drawing style is unique. She should keep it that way. And the story was so sweet, I loved the ending. Arinacchi’s endings are always so perfect, they really get to you, don’t they?

ShinKuro’s art was like, Full moon’s art twice as developed, Arina-sensei finally found a permanent style! It’s so great how she developed from ION to Sakura Hime Kaden. You can’t even tell they’ve been drawn by the same mangaka anymore! Lol :P

Well, actually, you sort of can because of the speaking style and characters in the manga, but you can’t tell just by the drawings. :P

TSK was pretty great too, I loved the idea of a twin and time strangers, crystal strangers, etc. it did seem kinda rushed to me, no wonder. Great surprise near the end with Hizuki, even though it made me kind of pissed. Because Kyoko totally belongs with Sakataki.

It probably would’ve been just as good as Full moon if she had the proper time to work on it, I bet. Sighh, Full Moon is definitely my favorite now. ShinKuro was declared my favorite when I just finished reading it for the second time, but now that the excitement has faded away, Full Moon has risen to the top again. XD In my opinion, it has the best story and the best past stories (I heart Meroko’s past story! I was totally not expecting her tie with Fuzuki. Another good surprise from Arinacchi for you. :P)

I’m CHINESE, but I’d rather read english (translated) manga than chinese (translated) manga!!!! XD

__Mistress Fortune was so so so so so awesome!!! I loved the romance and the fantasy in it!! Kisaki x Giniro forever!!!!!!!!! I’ve read it so many times… Kisaki is soooo cute! And Giniro is so funny because he is so echi, taking pics of Kisaki’s underwear and talking about her DD/E cup. LOL. :P

Another extract from Simplicity’s ShinKuro post:

“Also, for Furuba fans, did it occur to anyone else, that Haine is a lot like Tohru? Obviously not personality-wise or anything, but the way she’s managed to deeply affect the lives of everyone she’s met. Shizumasa himself states that outright and that’s really when it occurred to me.”

I know, right? I always thought Tohru and Haine were very similar. They’re both constantly influencing the people around them with their cheerful take on life and their spirit and good nature.

Like how Tohru helped all the twelve zodiacs accept themselves and how she even got to Akito. Kyo x Tohru forever!!!!!! (Am I annoying you now?)

And Haine practically helped fix Shizumasa and Takanari’s relationship and helped Maora get together with Maguri!! ^__^ Personally, I hate yaoi and any gay stuff, but Maora x Maguri is kawaii! :)

I. LOVE. THIS!!!!!!! They look SO incredibly cute together in their new student uniforms! It fits them so WELL!!!!!! Kusame is so much hotter now, after he grew out his bangs. If you’ll go to the beginning, you’ll notice that Kusame’s bangs are cut right across in a straight line. Now he looks all grown up and good looking! >__< Komaki, you lucky girl!! Komaki has got to be the best little sister ever! I wouldn’t be able to do what she did at that camp, I respect her for that.

Though I hated her guts for a few pages because at first I thought she was being a mean little girl. But hey, who didn’t? I was so touched after I found out! Another amazing turn by Arinacchi. ^__^

I loved the Kusame x Komaki special one shot too!!!!! You should definitely read it if you read ShinKuro and loved it like I did.

SPOILER: “lol, And Haine did what she does best in difficult situations. She ran away. She ran away back when she was confused about her feelings for Taka-kun (the cherry blossoms scene) and she hid in the bathroom (or some room) when she was stuck in the same room as Taka-kun. She’s so cute. We all know that she loves Taka-kun the most, but she’s just a cutely confused girl. Haine’s always been simple, expecting her to be mature now…is just silly.

I mean, it’s obvious that Taka-kun is the one she loves most. Haine married him and since her dream has always been to get married to the one she loves, you just know she won’t take that lightly. Have a little more faith in Haine. She just got embarrassed and ran off. The one she loves most is Taka-kun for sure.”

So true! It also relates to the Beach Cinderella thing, you know, the thing at the beginning? Her Yanki nickname. But you guys, you gotta cut Haine some slack. >:( She’s been in love Shizumasa practically her whole life because of the book she thought he wrote. She didn’t even know Takanari existed! Now that she does, she’s still confused about some things, like who she really loves and who she should go after, but deep down she loves Takanari the most, don’t doubt that.


Anyway, enough about her mangas. I want to dedicate at least some of the post to Arinacchi herself. I keep talking about how I love her manga, and you might think: “Well, that doesn’t mean you actually love the mangaka.” But it totally does. I think her manga reflects her personality and feelings and I always try to bring the characters closer to me by finding similarities between me and her, and it’s the same with Arinacchi.

I love reading Arina’s sidebar. She writes about a lot of things in the column/sidebar (e.g. vacations to Hokkaido, a place she loves, and about fan letters, the characters, the manga, etc.) and it’s really fun to read something coming directly from Arina. It makes me feel closer to her, and it’s just like she’s talking to me!

Anyway, I digressed (a LOT) but you get the idea. Arinacchi is the best!! I love her originality and the stories she creates. My dad once told me that the best story writers create stories that enchant the reader to the very end. The second-rate story writers use strategies and “tactics” to get the reader to want to keep reading. That’s why I think Arinacchi totally qualifies as one of the best story writers. I love her amazingly perfect “fluffy” (lol) endings and how I am never able to hate any of her characters in the end, even the baddies. No shoujo lover can really call him/herself a shoujo lover without even trying to read Arinacchi’s manga. Hey, you don’t have to like it, but if you call yourself “hardcore shoujo lover” and you haven’t even heard of Arinacchi or you don’t care, you’re seriously knocking on the wrong door.

Momo: Thank you for reading, noda! Arina-sensei is good, noda, but Momo-chan will always love Mayupon more, noda! Because Mayupon loves Momo-chan too, noda!


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  1. I’ve always loved Full Moon wo Sagashite’s real shoujo drawing. It’s very cute!
    I definitely really want to read Arina’s works, but I can’t read online (well, it isn’t really my thing. I’d rather have the manga itself, taken from my manga drawer) but my busy schedule is so frustrating! (college! you’re taking all my time! dmn!)
    And I also can’t find Arina manga in our local comic store TT_TT
    But I WILL read it (yes, even online!) once this semester is over ^_^

    • I have an extra copy of Full Moon wo Sagashite volume 1! Would you like to have it? I would love to give it to you! My mom was reading it in the store (I was trying to turn her into an Arinacchi fan) and accidentally put it in the pile of manga I wanted to buy (even though I had volume 1 already).

      • Wow! Thank you! That’s really nice of you! Will it be okay?
        I like your idea, I’ll turn my mom into a CLAMP fan too ^_^ (And maybe also into a shoujo-lover ^_^)

  2. @ Alyssa: Well, if you want the manga (I would totally give it to you, no problem), I’d have to know where to mail it to XD Providing you are in the US, because I don’t think my mom will let me mail it anywhere else. I bought it at Bookoff. If you ever get to go to New York, then you should really go to Bookoff or Anime Castle, they have really cheap manga that will hopefully fit your budget.

    Good luck with turning your mom into a CLAMP fan! ^__^ my mom says she likes Full Moon wo Sagashite but it’s not like she’s asking me to read it (she has to read the Chinese version or she won’t understand the english version properly) so I don’t quite believe her. :P

    • Aww…. I’m living in the US :(
      But I want to have Full Moon wo Sagashite…. Thanks by the way! I really appreciate it ^_^ I’ll just buy a copy at our local comic store ^_^

      I was able to convince my mom to read Harry Potter and Percy Jackson and the Olympians (and she loved them!) so maybe I’ll be able to make her love shoujo/CLAMP :D

      • “Providing you are in the US, because I don’t think my mom will let me mail it anywhere else.” That means I can’t mail it anywhere else but the US. So I can mail it to you, don’t worry. ^__^

        ^__^ Harry Potter and Percy Jackson! :D LOVE those books!

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  4. Hi Maria do you know where to buy full moon wo sagashite online or in Singapore? >.< I totally love the series and I want a hard copy of it XD

  5. Fantastic blog on arinacchi but


    sorry for yelling. XD

    but….but you should change one of them to Takuto SRSLY. ;_; Or he’ll cry. You know him. XD

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