Attention Vocaloid non-fans/fans? I need A.D.V.I.C.E


You must know that in Shanghai, regular DVD stores (that sell CDs) are cheap and have little non pirated Japanese CDs. But this one has three Vocaloid CDs that look exactly like the ones I saw in Mandarake.

And I am very tempted to buy some Vocaloid CDs because I once went to an anime concert and heard Miku sing and I thought it was extremely cute, but I don’t want to randomly spend money on stuff I might not like so I’m asking…

Are the songs good? I’m considering buying one CD so please recommend some? Even though the song list on the CD cover is in Japanese and it would take some time reading all the songs (especially if there’s katakana or whatever, I only read hiragana), please recommend some you like and describe what the songs are like, thanks! :D


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  1. Vocaloid is amazing, whatever CDs wou can find, I suggest you buy them. Even look them up on Youtube or Nico Nico Douga to see what I mean. I have plenty of favorites, mostly by Rin or Meiko. If you ever find the actual program, for any of them, you should buy that, too. Who knows what beautiful song one can create by typing words and notes.

    I guess this comment is a bit late, right?

    • A little bit late XD But it’s all right, I did buy one CD. At first I didn’t think much of it but after listening to it a bit more I really like them!! ^__^

      Did you check your email? I sent you a couple.

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