Anime of The Week: Kobato


Sorry this is so late, it’s the Anime of The Week Friday 5th of August Post!!!!

Since I was freaking out after the earthquake, I completely forgot about Anime of the Week. I am so sorry! But as a little reminder, I am going to New York this Friday so I won’t have time to post it on Friday, so I will either post it early or on late. Most likely early.



Honestly, I’ve seen this picture a few times before and I always knew it was CLAMP, I just never knew what the name of the anime was. Then I found out when I saw the DVD packet in a DVD store. Of course, I didn’t buy it (because it was expensive and I wasn’t sure if I liked it yet).

But I’m sort of cheating if you ask me because I already read 3 volumes of the manga.

It’s OK. Because I cheat all the time. :P

Here’s the synopsis from My Anime List:


“Sweet and naïve Hanato Kobato came to Earth on a mission to collect and fill a bottle with ‘konpeito,’ which appear after healing a person’s heart that is suffering. Kobato collects these because it is her wish to go to a certain place. Despite her strangeness, Kobato turns out to be well-suited for this mission as her heartfelt sincerity in helping others earns her the love and admiration of everyone she meets. However, she is not allowed to fall in love with anyone whose heart she heals.”

[Written by MAL Rewrite]

Yay! Now I’ve sorta forgotten how Anime of The Week goes, but I’m pretty sure these go without My Anime List Comments.

Anyway, the first thing that really hit me about the first episode was… THE OP!!! So cute and so shoujo, and then awesome shots of Kobato, Sayaka (wow she’s SO pretty in the anime) and Fujimoto (they did him well in the anime ^_^).

And then there was the “ashita wa shinjiteru” line where Kobato was shown singing it (mouth wording it) but I was disappointed here because Chobits did so much better on that part with Chi singing/mouthing the line “dakishimetai no ni”.

But I guess mouthing “ashita wa shinjiteru” is harder to draw than “dakishimetai no ni”.

But whatever, hardly anyone cares about the OP.

The second thing that hit me was the very deep voiced and creepy-sounding seiyuu of Ioryogi-san (the blue doggy). It’s cool, I wasn’t expecting that. I mean, in the manga, he just looks like a stuffed doll who loves beating Kobato up. But in the anime, he sounds evil. And you can tell the anime Ioryogi-san really thinks highly of himself because he says “ore-sama” instead of “ore”. He he.

And then I got freaking annoyed at Kobato’s lack of common sense and idiocy. It was like the first three chapters of the manga again, before she started working at the nursery and I started liking her a LOT. If you’re impatient and get annoyed at stupid heroines who lack common sense, skip the first part of the first episode.

Things start turning up after the hotpot scene though. But the highlight of the episode is that you get to meet a very cool Fujimoto at the very beginning! :DDD I love the hotpot scene, Kobato you rock! They even had the classic CLAMP bunny with wings and flower in the middle of the episode! Plus Kobato’s singing!! Treat for all CLAMP fans. :) Anyway, things start looking up from the hotpot scene, Kobato starts acting like what she really is, a kind girl who is cute with all her clumsiness :)

I think the first episode of the anime was pretty well done. I mean, compared to the beginning of the manga, it’s way better. The beginning of the manga consisted of little Kobato accidents because of her lack of common sense, and things only start getting interesting when she starts at the nursery. But the first episode of the anime is the start of the manga condensed so it’s not totally pointless and changed so it’s cuter, even adding some mini fillers that I think are awesome!

If you like action and fighting, though, I suggest you turn away.

But I don’t. I am a shoujo fan ^_^


Rating: 9/10



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