Hippo and the 7 Mermaid Princess ^_^ : Mermaid Melody 1!!


Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch

There were two seasons to this anime, MMPP and MMPP Pure.

I’m going to talk about both, one post for each? I don’t want to spoil it for the people who haven’t watched Pure.

OK, here’s a synopsis from My Anime List:


“As the mermaid princess of the North Pacific (one of the seven mermaid kingdoms), Lucia entrusts a magical pearl to a boy who falls overboard a ship one night. Lucia must travel to the human world to reclaim her pearl and protect the mermaid kingdoms. Using the power of music Lucia is able to protect herself and the mermaid kingdoms from a growing evil force. “

Sounds kinda cheesy, I guess… But if you’re a fan of mermaids and awesome songs and romance, this is the anime for you!! :D I learned about this anime from a childhood friend. She was from Taiwan. Taiwanese people get anime before the Chinese. Sighh. Anyway, I only got to watch both seasons properly in middle school, but it was very good! For me. And others like Alyssa.

Here’s a comment from the same website:

“Oh boy, where to begin on this review…

Story: Basically it’s another “Magical Girl” anime plot, a girl who has the ability to transform must fight this evil group of villains with her friends/comrades as a Super Sentai team. The unique part of this anime is that the Mermaids don’t attack, they SING, and their songs are painful to the villains’ ears. Other than that, it’s all cheesy.

Art: This depends on how you look at it. To me, the dresses for Lucia, Hanon, and Rina are full of many colors! (Practically every shade of pink, aqua, and green respectively.) On the other hand, the characters’ appearances are okay, except it’s too overdone. (I.e. Doumoto Kaito with the most repetitive hairstyle of any Bishounen.)

Sound: What I found unusual was that Lucia’s voice is different compared to other Magical Girl heroines. While their voices are high-pitched, Lucia’s is lower, unless you count her screaming. Hanon and Rina sound okay. The MMPPP songs can really get to you, even though they’re all about love.

Character: This is what bugs me. Basically, the Mermaids’ objective is to unite the Seven Mermaid Princesses in order to defeat the enemy. The problem is, for 52 episodes straight, ONLY LUCIA, HANON, AND RINA APPEAR THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE SEASON!! What about the other four? Well, Caren appears halfway through the season, but she distances herself from them. Noel and Coco were captured so they’re stuck with the enemy until the finale. And Sara is a good guy turned bad. Wow. (Did they expect girls to love the main trio more than the four Mermaids in the back?)

Enjoyment: IT WILL GET ANNOYING. At some point, you’ll realize that there’s too many fillers. Luckily, Wikipedia has already identified the episodes important to the storyline so you can figure it out from there.

Overall: Obviously the ending was anticipated. When the last episode first aired, it was already confirmed that a second season, Pure, would be in the works. (Personally I liked Pure more than this season.) It was an okay anime, it did introduce me to all the beautiful songs in MMPPP. Still, there were obvious flaws that could’ve been fixed.

Rating: 8/10″ – Mierna

Wow, that’s true. Luchia’s voice is not as high pitched. Rina’s voice isn’t either. But Luchia sounds very, very girly when she screams :P The MMPP songs are pretty damn awesome, even though they give me goosebumps sometimes. ;)

I don’t think Mierna likes it as much as I do… Because compared to the manga, the anime was pretty awesome. This is one of the only times I can say that for an anime, which is something. The fillers are actually quite good, they “fill” out the anime so it’s more developed than the manga, and gives the characters more, well, character! The art is pretty good but the real treat of the anime is the songs! And the romance :)

I mean, have you SEEN Shugo Chara?? Hello, filler central!! MMPP’s fillers are nothing compared to SHUGO CHARA. Shugo Chara’s fillers are annoying. I don’t recall being annoyed or bored all through both seasons…

After watching Shugo Chara, I was like: “Good, I love Utau and Ikuto, but I can’t stand the fillers so I skipped a huge chunk in Shugo Chara Encore, including all the Rikka episodes. Bleh. She’s an okay character, but I wouldn’t mind if she died. Because I don’t want anyone to take the spotlight from Amu. She’s the main character, isn’t she? What’s with this sudden Rikka thing? Have you noticed how similar their charanaris are? Complete lack of originality on SATELIGHT’s part.” Then I read the manga, and when I tried to rewatch Shugo Chara the anime, I found out that I couldn’t because I found all the fillers and the TADAMU bits painful.

Anyway, I digress. The thing is, it really depends what kind of anime you like. If you like awesome songs, girls, mermaids and romance, then you should definitely watch this anime. If you’re more into action or things that aren’t cheesy and girly, then you should just drop it. Because I don’t want anybody disparaging this anime just because they watched it found out it isn’t their type when it has made so many other people smile, in case MMPP loses any potential viewers and fans because of it.

Here’s my version of Mierna’s review:

Story: It’s a very cute (sometimes cheesy, but still cute) story about mermaids and romance and some painful (and good) memories, how they try to unite all seven mermaid princess to defeat Gaito, who wants to take over the earth, but fails because of one mermaid princess that has turned bad. I, personally, love goodies who turn into baddies, that’s why I love Sara ^_^ Of course, the ending was pretty predictable, but it wasn’t so much so that you wouldn’t bother to finish the season!

Art: Art was fantastic in both the anime and manga! Hanon looks more graceful in the manga, and I love how she draws everybody in the manga, but the anime’s art is equally good. Anyway, the idol outfits were kinda frilly, but I thought Hanon’s outfit was very cute. And oh, Sara’s outfit was super elegant, very much her style ^_^ I think the idol outfits really showed the mermaid princesses’ style and personality. Cool uniform, though I’ve seen better. Love the eyes in the first season, not so much the second. I have to say that I love their mermaid forms best, just because I like mermaids and they look so pretty like that. ^_^ The hairstyles were all right, I didn’t really mind any of them, although they got too long in idol form, especially Hanon’s, ripples of blue, blue hair. The hair was okay as mermaids because they usually have long hair.

Music: the highlight of this anime! Something the manga doesn’t have, either, obviously. The songs were all great. I can’t say much for the lyrics, since lots of Japanese people would find it too lovey dovey and cheesy, but the melodies for each song was just so good that you could listen to it over and over again. A real treat to see the mermaid princesses singing together, and also a real treat to see the mermaid princesses singing their own trademark songs ^_^

Characters: They all had lots of individuality, although I did think it wasn’t so good that they didn’t develop Caren, Coco and Noel’s characters more. They are like the side characters, just to fill in the spots of the seven mermaid princesses. I really think that could’ve been done better, you know? The main trio, Luchia, Hanon and Rina were obviously the main characters, and although I don’t mind it that way, I think they really could’ve included the other mermaid princesses more. I’m satisfied with Sara’s participation, because she has her own story and part in the anime, plus Coco and Noel were captured by Gaito before the season even started, so I don’t mind that much (I really liked the thing about Coco being Sara’s ex-best friend). But Caren, Coco and Noel didn’t even appear that much for the second season.

Enjoyment: I liked it a lot!! It was cute and funny and nice to see Luchia and Kaito’s romance growing, except Kaito can be really dense sometimes, when it’s pretty damn obvious Luchia is the mermaid of his childhood. Seriously. I guess it might be hard for a supposed “normal” guy like Kaito to accept the fact that his cute classmate is his beloved mermaid, although since he’s already accepted the fact that mermaids exist, the rest shouldn’t be too hard, right? Oh but I think a part of Kaito realized in the beginning, because considering how much he loves Luchia as a mermaid, and how he still went around spending time with Luchia as a human, and he didn’t even have a single nasty thought about cheating on his mermaid love!

Anyway, I loved Sara’s part in the anime, it wouldn’t have been the same without her (seriously, the story would’ve REALLY been just a repetitive shoujo love story if she wasn’t there) and I loved Hanon’s persistence and determination when it comes to love, really does impress a person.

Overall: 9/10


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