Shh~ it’s a secret. Kaitou Saint Tail is actually Meimi!


Hi! This is the Kaitou Saint Tail anime review!

Here’s the synopsis from My Anime List:


“Meimi Haneoka, 14, is a normal girl during the daytime, but during the night, she assumes the “position” of Saint Tail, a modern-day Robin Hood who steals from thieves and gives items back to their original owners. She is aided by her friend, Seira Mimori, a nun-in-training, and she is chased by her classmate (and soon-to-be love interest), Daiki Asuka (often called “Asuka Jr.”). ”

(Source: ANN)
And some awesome comments from the same website!

“Well… What can I say? This anime is my most recent obsession… Basically, I love it! It was so cute! I loved Asuka and Meimi’s relationship….! It was so cute…….. This really reminded me of Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne though. They both are Kaitos, or theives. They both pray to god! They both have cute couples! They both know someone who is trying to catch them! So similar….wow! Anyway, i love this anime! I think anyone who watches it will too! This anime will steal your heart! tee hee….” – Happy Junjou

“If you’re looking for a good cops and robbers / cat and mouse anime like Lupin the 3rd, keep looking – because even though this series is about a thief and a detective trying to catch her, the robberies aren’t really what you will watch out for. In fact, I would describe Saint Tail as a love story or romance anime extended over 43 episodes. The thefts are merely a backdrop to the developing romance between Meimi Haneoka and Asuka Jr.

Meimi, of course, is Saint Tail and the young detective trying to catch her is her classmate Asuka Jr. You’ll have to suspend your disbelief with this one as one impossibility after another keep Saint Tail out of the cops’ grasp. And another thing – it’s not as if she actually hurt anybody. Who will persecute someone who steals somebody’s running shoes and return them to the original owner, anyway?

But as I said, you won’t really dwell that much on the robberies. Like me, you’ll probably get hooked on Meimi and Asuka Jr. and waiting for the moment that Asuka Jr. finally catches Saint Tail. Lighthearted and cute, this anime is definitely one of my favorite classics.” – megara

Meimi x Asuka forever!!!!!!!

It’s very old and the art is, of course, just as old looking but unlike the art of some old animes, Kaitou Saint Tail has really cute oldie type art and it’s not ugly at all or primitive in any way.

One thing I don’t get is why Asuka kept trying to catch Kaitou Saint Tail in the beginning, even though he knew that what she was doing was good, that she was helping somebody!! Seriously, man, you like her, she’s a good kaitou, yet you still want to catch her so much? Well, I guess if he didn’t, then it wouldn’t have made the story, so whatever.

It can get a tiny bit episodic in the middle of the anime, every episode being a “robbery” and stuff, but it’s only 43 episodes so it’s not that big a deal and pretty worth the watch. You could easily have a Kaitou Saint Tail marathon if you like shoujo because it’s so short.

I hated Takamiya for one episode, but she wasn’t really worth hating after her entrance because, well, so she liked the guy, you can’t exactly blame her for it. Although many people do. Wish I could say the same for Tadase. Anyway, Stephanie doesn’t like Takamiya at all, but I think she’s okay, and she was pretty nice in the end so I don’t mind.

Anyway, this is a cute, light hearted anime with good romance development in it! Highly recommend it!! The ending was so cute!!!! I loved the time skip. :) Time skips are the best!

Rating: 9.5/10


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