Sorry this is late but… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! ^_^


Hi Steph! :D Sorry this is four days late! Better late than never, though. :P

8 august: on plane all through your b-day, 9 august: still on plane, got off, no internet, 10 august: finally got internet in the afternoon, but was busy because forgot to do anime of the week for a long time and went back to sleep because of jetlag, 11 august: train to new york till the afternoon and then had dinner with brother’s girlfriend :P then went to sleep because of jetlag.

So today, the twelfth, I decided to throw you an awesome anime-themed imaginary birthday party on this blog! It’s your second birthday party, counting the one you had on Monday. :)

Here’s your cake… ^_^

Lots of cream that you like :) And ichigo too. But you get another one because I feel like it!

And heaps of prezzies, including:


And awesome Japanese seifuku too!! :D

You get your hair braided like this, Maria-style:

I would’ve loved to braid it myself but hey, I’m in New York. :P

And here’s all the people who attend your party!

MOKONA (only came for the cake :P)

KERO-CHAN (came for the cake as well :P)

SAKURA (she loves you ^_^)

MEILIN (came because Syaoran did)

TOMOYO (came to film Sakura)

SYAORAN (came because Sakura did)

Haibara, Conan, Agasa and Ayumi too… Oh my God, Agasa what are you DOING??

Ran and Kazuha are completely shocked at this scene (yay, they came! :D)

Awkward moment with Conan’s butt is over, but Heiji is having fun making fun of Conan

Aoko and Kaito are here! And Kaito is being a huge perv, as usual.

And Aoko is going to punish Kaito now. Close your eyes.

Yay, Meimi and Asuka Jr!
Of course, Sakura and Syaoran from Tsubasa!

And your friends:

Judy came too, she just went off to get some coke.

I couldn’t come because I’m in New York, and Vivian couldn’t either because she’s not in Shanghai, but it’s OK because we’ll be thinking of you!

Love you (as a friend :P)!! :D Happy birthday (sorta)!!


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  1. OMG U did this for me….thank u i really appreciated it, sry for not working on the blog these days, my computer broke down but now its ok so i’ll work extra hard hope u r having a good time in America

    • “not working on the blog these days”? try “not working on the blog these weeks” :P slacker
      he he kidding, don’t worry I don’t really mind.
      and i’m having a pretty good time in the US, not counting last night. I managed to secure all 7 volumes of FULL MOON WO SAGASHITE!! :D Yay! Now I can reread faster!!

      good luck next year steph (is it too early to say that?). i’ll miss you~ :”(

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