SM Announcement: _____ of the Week?


Okay, just made up a new rule on the spot.

Every week, I have the choice of doing “Anime of the Week” or “Manga of the Week”. So basically, at times like these, when I was really busy all day on Friday and couldn’t do Anime of the Week, I’ll just randomly read some manga and do a “Manga of the Week” because it’s faster.

I’m a cheater, get used to it. ;)

Sorry _____ of the Week was late, after that birthday post yesterday, we went out for the whole day, going to a bookstore (yay, my second bookstore visit, and thankfully secured all seven volumes of Full moon wo Sagashite!! Sorry I didn’t say much about it, I was really busy), helping my brother move his stuff, and attending a three hour concert.


Please Comment :)

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