Shoujo Manga- Predictable or Not? It all comes down to Arinacchi and CLAMP


Shoujo manga can get very predictable. People who don’t love shoujo don’t read it probably for that reason. That and the fact they don’t like stupid heroines and icky romance.

But luckily (for us), that’s why we read shoujo manga, right?

For its predictability, romance and that tingly feeling it gives you when something sweet happens.

I know I go on about not liking to read shoujo manga that’s way too predictable, but it’s what every shoujo manga is. Predictable. Some are more predictable in others, but every shoujo manga has a degree of predictability in it. Especially for long time shoujo readers. Because we just know how the story goes.

So when a less predictable, very original and romance-filled shoujo manga like Full Moon wo Sagashite, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne and Shinshi Doumei Cross comes along… well, hard to say no. I’m not saying they’re completely unpredictable like Tsubasa, but I think the tingly feeling you get from shoujo manga is increased tenfold in Arinacchi’s mangas.


Romance, sweet characters and heroines that aren’t stupid, one of the best things about Arinacchi’s I like is that I never end up hating any of her characters by the time I finish the manga. Never. I just something I never get in other manga. In other manga, there is always some villain or baddie who tried to steal the heroine that I end up hating. In Arinacchi’s mangas, that doesn’t happen. Shizumasa was a close call, but in the end I liked him a lot. Not as much as Takanari, though ;)

Arinacchi is loved for her beautiful art, amazing characters, heartfelt stories and the surprising twists she likes to put in her manga. Although the overall story is not completely unpredictable, she does put an element of surprise in all her manga. What comes to mind is the two big ones in Full Moon wo Sagashite: Meroko’s relation to _____ (spoiler) and the last chapter before the last chapter- typical Arinacchi ending.

The last chapter before the ending always makes you go: o.O WHAT??? NOOOOO!!!!!!, and then the ending swiftly brings the whole story about with the perfect close. Sighh. I love Arinacchi.


And CLAMP has fans for a reason!! I mean, look at Tsubasa. It’s not shoujo (my favorite), but it’s got elements of action, romance, shoujo, shounen and all sorts of genres in it, so any kind of manga fan would enjoy reading it. And BECAUSE it’s got elements of all genres in it, that means it doesn’t have the storyline predictability that many mangas have. You read shoujo, you know how it’s gonna end, whatever happens in the middle is the mangaka’s choice (with the exception of Yuu Watase, who is known for her sad but amazing endings). Tsubasa is not the same. If you like magic, crossovers, unpredictability and CLAMP (I think unpredictability goes with CLAMP anyway), Tsubasa is the manga for you.

And let’s not forget Yuu Watase! I loved Zettai Kareshi, it’s one of the best shoujo manga I’ve read. I highly recommend it. :) I don’t know much about Yuu Watase’s other works (except Fushigi Yuugi, which I’m so planning to read), but I’m still mentioning her because I like her~~ And Zettai Kareshi doesn’t follow your typical shoujo storyline either so it’s another manga for you predictability haters :)


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    • I am aiming to read or watch all of CLAMP. :) CCS is done, not the manga though because the quality is bad on every website. is my new favorite manga reading site because the scans are so clean. :)

      i used to primarily use mangafox but now so many good mangas have been licensed so i have to resort to using manga.animea and mangareader, but nothing loads faster than mangafox. sigh.

      Thanks for commenting! It’s been a while. ^_^ Oh, did you hear FuyuMaiden is back after one year of not posting? Too bad warriorhope’s not back too. They’re the only Arinacchi fans I know.

  1. Shojo CAN get predictable if it isn’t high concept, but I don’t mind as long as the characters are likeable and the art is nice. XD

    CLAMP’s works are definitely my favorites! Maybe it’s because they’re so “mainstream” and I’m a mainstream shojo lover. :P They’re definitely unpredictable, and their art is fantastic. <3

    Great article! You have some good points~ :O

    • Yes, character and art are important to me. We often get stupid heroines, but as long as they are somewhat likeable and have great supporting characters and an awesome jerky-but-actually-not guy, I’m happy. :)

      Oh yes, I love how they draw Sakura in Tsubasa!

      Thanks for the compliment, although it’s not that great :) I don’t do articles like this much, do I? I just had to write about it because I didn’t want anyone thinking I didn’t like the predictability of shoujo! XD

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