SMA Announcement- New Layout!! Kira kira desu~


Sorry I keep changing the theme, but since I added the new page about Japan, the page bar at the top was cluttering up and you couldn’t see the page names properly. Plus, I didn’t like how the comments and posts looked with the pool theme (even though the overall layout is pretty), so I changed the theme so that the pages are listed clearly.

It looks WAY different now, like a whole different blog… >__<

Err, I sorta like it (if I didn’t, I wouldn’t keep it) but I don’t know about you guys. Please tell me your opinions on the new layout! Thanks :D If lots of people hate it, I will change it to something else, although I really like the new header and the font in this theme.


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  1. @ Lily: Oh! You went to France? That is so cool! I suppose you’re right about the architecture thing, but architecture’s not everything (although it’s what’s shoved in your face every single day)! ;)

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