Yumeiro Patissiere 02- The Legendary Sweets Spirits?


Yay! Loved the second episode as well, this is such a shoujo anime! It’s so fun to watch!

Ok, here’s my disclaimer: I do not own Yumeiro Patissiere or these images, I got them from the internet and I linked every single one to where I got them from. I’m sorry if I’m breaking some rule because I’m really hazy about copyright laws.


02 “The Legendary Sweets Spirits?”
“Densetsu no Suītsu Seirei (supirittsu)?” (伝説のスイーツ精霊(スピリッツ)?)
October 11, 2009
Amano transfers to St. Marie Academy and is overwhelmed by the school. She encounters three boys (aka Sweets Princes) on the way to class, each one of them is a talented pâtissier. Ichigo is then placed in Group A with them, despite being a beginner.


Today’s the big day!! Ichigo is heading off to St. Marie Academy. Clumsy heroine starts on her journey to become a patissiere like her grandma.

At the beginning, things start looking up when she gets a pretty nice roomie, Rumi. Lol, Roomie Rumi!

The sweets spirits are first mentioned here. I’d be impressed by that statue, too. Must be idolized.

Rumi is so pretty! And the uniform is soooo cute! Those private schools in Japan have the best uniforms! ^_^

Then she is escorted by the three best looking boys in the school, although she has no idea why. Of course, since she was recommended by the genius patissiere Henri-sensei, everybody’s expecting her to be some genius as well. But of course, she’s a complete novice, and they’re all about to be disappointed.

Of course, they give her a hard time too. Well, only Kashino. But I see a possibility of romance with Kashino and Ichigo… ^_^

Please don’t turn into a harem, though. The Princes of Sweets are cool, but don’t all go falling in love with Ichigo and forming a harem. That would be extremely annoying. D:

After Kashino’s harsh words, Ichigo runs away, crying, and glooms in the rain outside until she remembers her grandmother and strengthens her resolve. Going back in and starting to practice, she’s still getting more hopeless as she burns every single crepe she makes.

She does though, as soon as her effort is rewarded by a real live sweets spirit! Vanilla makes her second appearance in the series, and offers to help her with her dream of being a patissiere.

Ichigo, misunderstanding, thinks that Vanilla is going to wave her magic spoon and make all her clumsiness go away, magically making Ichigo improve without having Ichigo lift a finger.


 Things are achieved with hard work, not magic, and sometimes you need a teacher like Vanilla to help you along. And it does take a few failures before getting to what you want. Ichigo learns that as she continuously burns herself and her crepes.

They look slightly better than the ones she made in class, however, so we must congratulate Ichigo-chan with that! ;P

Still, by the end of the day, Ichigo improves greatly, due to Vanilla’s help. I still don’t like how a supposedly prestigious baking school like St. Marie Academy won’t even teach you how to make these things. If Vanilla didn’t appear, Ichigo would be dead bread.

After lots of screaming and burning, Ichigo manages to make a beautiful mille crepe.

Slow and steady wins the race. Look at that beautifully realistic anime mille crepe!

Vanilla and Ichigo congratulate each other and celebrate their success.

And that concludes the episode and our post.

I was extremely pleased with this episode. It really sets the tone for the rest of the anime. We can see that there are going to be many obstacles like this one afterwards. And after lots of “of course this will happen”s from  me and lots of burning, our Ichigo has successfully made a mille crepe! Ichigo learns that it’s not so easy trying to be a patissiere like her grandmother. But her effort and faith will bring her somewhere, definitely. With a little help from Vanilla, we shall see how Ichigo develops into a great patissiere. I even see a possible love interest developing…. ;)

I have to disagree, though, with this person:

“I think the infatuation triangle will be with Ichigo at the top and Hanabusa/Andou fighting for her attention. Hanabusa is nice and kind to Ichigo, so she already likes him, but I think that the cold and serious Andou will eventually want some of the sugary sweet Ichigo.” – Chris/Animewriter

You obviously don’t watch shoujo often, huh (no offense). Because though there might be some action with the three Princes of Sweets, Ichigo will definitely end up with Kashino. He’s the only one Ichigo frowned at, and his disdain is fueling her efforts to become a good patissiere. Ever heard of those jerky-but-actually-not boys who irk the heroine so much at the beginning? Those always end up with the heroine, genius.

Only badly executed, messed up shoujo animes like Shugo Chara end up differently. The manga was so much better, and had a way better ending. The anime could’ve been done so much better. I keep saying so. Read the manga instead, people. I sincerely hope Yumeiro Patissiere doesn’t end up that way.


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