Yumeiro Patissiere 04- Cake Nanka Daikirai da!


I get it now. So we’re going to have episodes featuring each of the Princes of Sweets. The previous episode was about Hanabusa, and this one is about Andou. Yay! ^_^ Can’t wait for Kashino’s!!

Ok, here’s my disclaimer: I do not own Yumeiro Patissiere or these images, I got them from the internet and I linked every single one to where I got them from. I’m sorry if I’m breaking some rule because I’m really hazy about copyright laws.

04 “I Hate These Stupid Cakes”
“Kēki Nanka Daikirai da!” (ケーキなんか大嫌いだ!)
October 25, 2009
There’s a special salon at St. Marie Academy (which is run by the High School student council) called Salon de Marie. Ichigo would give anything to work there, but because she’s in middle school, her chances are slim. Andou asks her to come with him to his family’s Japanese confectionery to help get her mind off things. There, she finds out that the eldest out of Andou’s 4 younger siblings, Ichita, dislikes cake, so she decides to find out why.

OK, so we have Ichigo (with the Princes of Sweets) in the Salon de Marie cafe eating lots of cake and wanting to work in a Cake shop, inspired by Tennouji Mari, a genius patissiere high school student at St. Marie (also Henri’s prize student). Tennouji makes her first appearance!

So Hanabusa tells Ichigo that Andou’s family owns a Japanese confectionery and that she can go work as a waitress there during their visit. Kashino, of course, objects to this idea, not wanting Ichigo to disrupt their visit to Andou’s home, but loses to Ichigo’s enthusiasm.

So, Ichigo ends up working hard at Andou’s Japanese confectionary. And we meet Andou’s cute siblings.

Ichigo being mobbed by the little kids! XD

Kya~ Andou, kakoi!! So cute, though, them all mobbing Andou. He looks like their parents. :P

Anyway, Ichigo finds out about Andou’s large family and that he and Kashino are childhood friends.

Ichigo also meets Ichita, Andou’s little brother, who declares his dislike for cakes.




Andou tells her that he and Ichita used to be very close, but nowadays not so much, not since Andou left for St. Marie anyway.

When Ichigo eats the confectionery’s red bean cake and falls in love with it, Andou shows her how his grandfather makes them. Ichigo asks Andou why he wants to be a patissiere when his family owns a traditional Japanese confectionery. He tells her about his dream of corresponding Japanese and Western sweets using Yumetsuki’s (the confectionery) handed down traditions, inspired after his first experience eating cake at Kashino’s birthday party.


So kawaii!!

Anyway, later Ichita yells at Ichigo, but Kashino comes to the rescue!

Just when I thought she understood Ichita’s feelings of being abandoned by his brother, she does this:

Gives Ichita a bunch of the best cakes from St. Marie. Oh yeah, Ichigo, rub it in his face why don’t you?? D: You think that by making him like cakes that you can fix his relationship with his brother? The cakes you are giving him is the ROOT of the problem!!

And even when Vanilla warned her not to! Aiya.

So when Ichita freaks out and starts yelling at Ichigo, Andou intervenes, even going as far as to slap Ichita’s face! D: Appalled.

This causes Ichita to run out of the room in anger.

Ichigo finds Ichita in a corner and tries to find out why he’s so upset, also apologizing for her actions (YES!).

Ichita tells Ichigo that it was his dream to work together with his brother in the family confectionery, but felt abandoned when his brother left him to go to St. Marie, a cake making school. Ichita confesses that he felt resentful towards cakes only because he felt that his brother loved cakes more than him.

Ichigo finds that she can relate to Ichita’s feelings, and tells him her story.

Kind Ichigo.


Ichigo explains to Andou and the others about Ichita’s feelings. Ichigo suggests that they make a cake for Ichita, the kind that Andou always wanted to make. Andou is reluctant at first, knowing Ichita’s hate for cakes, but decides to make them, determined to get his feelings across. They all help Andou make the cake.

After the cake is done, the whole family gathers together and Andou personally asks Ichita to eat his cake.

Ichita agrees hesitantly, but only after Ichigo encourages him, reminding him of her promise to let him know Andou’s true feelings.

That’s a yes to your question, Ichita-kun. ^_^

Ichita takes a bite out of the cake and finds it delicious! Andou explains his dream to correspond Japanese and Western sweets and to open a store right next to Yumetsuki selling his cakes. Ichita and Andou make up.

You know, now I like Andou more than the other Princes of Sweets! He’s such an awesome older brother (he looks so good in his Japanese robe :P), and it’s so sweet that his dream is to correspond his family’s traditional Japanese sweets and his favorite cakes! His relationship with Ichita is so touching (although it was predictable that Ichita hated cakes because it took his brother away. Duh, Ichigo.) and it made me cry.

I am so pathetic.

But Ichigo did a nice thing in this episode, bringing the two brothers back together. The green tea looking cake roll looked so delicious! Even though I’m not really a fan of cakes. Creamy cakes especially. Non creamy cakes are good to eat, though, especially chocolate. ;)

If you’re a glutton and you want to lose weight, I highly suggest you avoid watching this anime. XD

Anyway, not only was this episode dedicated entirely to Andou (I see a pattern, first Hanabusa, then Andou, then Kashino!!), this episode also served to bond Ichigo more closely with the three Sweets Princes. You notice a few changes, how Kashino defended Ichigo and how they are spending more time together outside of class. :) This episode also helped us understand Andou more, as did the episode with Hanabusa. Although I must say that this episode was much better. I mean, no crybaby Ichigo missing her family and failing terribly, but a meaningful episode about Andou and his brother and Andou’s dream to become a Japa-Western patissiere!

Ichigo wasn’t a stupid heroine in this episode either, showing Ichita how she overcame her feelings concerning her sister’s talent at piano and how she found a new dream, teaching him that he needs to understand Andou and find his own dream without his brother’s influence. Thumbs up! Decide your future for yourself!


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