YumePati 05- Tenshi? Akuma? Spirit? Make up your mind!


Lol XD The much anticipated Kashino episode. After watching the Hanabusa episode and Andou episode, it’s time for Kashino! This episode is all about chocolate, so let’s get ready for some serious stomach growling!! :D Everybody loves chocolate, after all!

Ok, here’s my disclaimer: I do not own Yumeiro Patissiere or these images, I got them from the internet and I linked every single one to where I got them from. I’m sorry if I’m breaking some rule because I’m really hazy about copyright laws.

05 “Angel? Devil? Spirit??”
“Tenshi? Akuma? Supirittsu??” (天使? 悪魔? 精霊??)
November 1, 2009
Kashino is extremely skilled with chocolate; so with a chocolate test coming up, Ichigo decides to make a chocolate cake that will blow him away.

Ok, so the episode starts with Henri-sensei praising Ichigo, which is obviously a daydream. Then Ichigo snaps out of it and we see Ichigo and the princes making their cakes for cake class. However, since Ichigo was caught up in her daydream, she messed up the chocolate spreading over her cake.

Of course, Kashino scolds her for being so stupid and careless, and Ichigo catches sight of Kashino’s amazing cake!

And… Kashino rejects her as usual. XD

Of course, Ichigo takes offense at this and declares that she definitely will. Obviously, even though Ichigo truly isn’t good enough (but it doesn’t mean Ichigo won’t get there someday), Kashino is exaggerating. It takes lots of guidance from sweets spirits like Vanilla and fellow pattisier(e)-to-bes for Ichigo to improve, but she will!

Anyway, Ichigo stays late at night practicing a chocolate roll cake for the upcoming chocolate cake exam. Everything looks perfect but Ichigo and Vanilla find that there’s something wrong with the chocolate topping’s taste.

Although Ichigo practices and practices, she is ultimately unable to improve at all. Vanilla is unable to help as well, since chocolate isn’t her strong suit. Vanilla mentions someone named Chocolat, then freaks out and has a nosebleed.

Yes, this picture again. XD

Anyway, after calming Vanilla down, Ichigo gives up and returns to her dorm.

Early next morning, Ichigo goes to the kitchen to practice some more when she sees Kashino practicing a very hard at tempering chocolate, only a pro patissier would be able to do. Kashino brushes Ichigo’s shock off, saying that he was conditioning his body for the work.

People should realize that although some are born with more talent, it’s dedication, hard work and love for the job that gets anybody anywhere. It’s completely unfair to call them “geniuses” and dismiss all their dedication and hard work, especially if you’re using this reason, the fact that there are “geniuses” around, to slack off and/or give up, saying you’ll never compare to them. If it’s one thing about Ichigo I appreciate, it’s that she never says: “Oh, why do I even bother trying anyway when I’m never going to beat those geniuses?

Sorry about the rant, but I get worked up about this kind of stuff.

Anyway, Kashino hints that he knew all along that Ichigo was practicing everyday late at night, and Ichigo is upset because he never acknowledged her for it. This fuels Ichigo’s anger and drives her back to her spot for more hardcore practice.

But as Ichigo works on melting her chocolate, putting the chocolate into a pot of boiling water, Kashino rushes over to stop her. After chewing her out for her ignorance, he explains to her that chocolate is very sensitive to temperature and that it clots up under boiling hot temperatures, immediately reducing the quality of the chocolate, which explains why Ichigo kept failing at making good chocolate topping.

Anyway, Kashino shows her how to properly melt chocolate, using grades as an excuse to help. Sigh. So stubborn ;)

Anyway, after berating Ichigo about wasting so many ingredients, he let’s her taste his own chocolate. Of course, it’s amazing and Ichigo finds herself completely not at his level.

Later, Ichigo practices making chocolate topping again, and Vanilla finds that Ichigo is using a different recipe, from a very advanced French recipe book.

Ichigo explains her decision to change recipes. However, since Ichigo has lost much sleep over practice (which is, although admirable, not good for your health and not necessary), she almost loses consciousness.

Of course, seeing Ichigo’s new recipe, Kashino pushes Ichigo down again by saying that it’s impossible for her.

Ichigo, in tears, gets upset about not being able to compare to Kashino and the others.

Kashino then tells Ichigo about how he, as a child, loved hanging out at his uncle’s chocolate shop, learning many things about chocolate from his uncle.

Kashino calms Ichigo down with some hot chocolate.

The next day, Ichigo decides to use the chocolate cake roll recipe for the big test, but she tweaks it a bit.

Ichigo uses bitter chocolate in the roll and sweet white chocolate topping to create a bitter and sweet taste in her roll, calling it the Angel and Devil Fruit roll, inspired by Kashino’s sweet and bitter personality.

Everybody starts tasting cakes, and while Kashino has a small criticism, he says that it’s the most delicious she’s made so far. Ichigo is delighted to hear this, but then Kashino’s pocket starts wiggling…?

Yay! Chocolat’s first appearance! We find out the Kashino (and of course the other princes) have sweets spirits!

Anyway. This episode, we learn some of Kashino’s past and how he came to love chocolate and baking. Hanabusa and his trademark flower type cakes, inspired by his parents’ meeting and his love of purebred roses. Andou and his family’s Japanese confectionary, motivating him to correspond his family’s traditional Japanese sweets and his favorite Western cake.

I’m really seeing a possibility of love between Kashino and Ichigo! While Kashino often irritates Ichigo, he drives Ichigo to become a better patissiere. I also really loved this episode because we finally got to see one of the the princes’ sweets spirit!

And that concludes the fifth episode.

Kashino, you meanie! XD


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