I’m Looking for a Shoujo Fan Co-Author ^_^ Anyone interested?


When school starts, it’ll be really busy for me and I’ll need a co-author for Shoujo anime/manga to help me keep up with my blog. I refuse to put it down entirely for the school year, who knows what’ll happen if I do that so…

I’m looking for somebody who loves shoujo anime and/or manga willing to be a co-author on my blog! It’s all right if you’re tight for time as well, since if we both contribute, it won’t be so bad! :D

You can decide your own topics, but of course I would prefer if you email them to me first and get the ok. You don’t have to write in the holidays either, unless you want to.

If you don’t have a wordpress account of your own and you’re interested, then you can just sign up as a wordpress user (without the blog) HERE and volunteer in this forum. I will invite any volunteers in that forum as guest writers or official authors, whichever they prefer to be.

To see if we like the same manga and anime, look at this page.

All volunteers can either post in the comments section of this blog entry or in this forum.

Thank you!

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  2. Hello! I’m a fellow Arina lover, and I’d love to join this blog! I’ve actually commented on a post you made on Arinafans.com, and I was hoping you’d reply. ^^’ Just drop me an email or anything at all!

    • Thanks so much! I replied to the forum just now. And I emailed you as well, in case. :) You just have to sign up for WordPress (without the blog. I emailed you the directions). And then I will add you :)

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