10 Days till Summer Ends- Manganime Characters Want to Be or Are Like


We all have favorite characters in anime and manga, and they often do have qualities we do or do not (unfortunately) possess. So let’s start sharing!

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters or these pictures, I got them from the internet and linked them to where I got them from.

USHIO AMAMIYA from Shinshi Doumei CrossI swear, although I have my moments as Ushio Amamiya (from Shinshi Doumei Cross), in the core I am completely unlike Ushio. Ushio is cool, bold, pretty, a player (she plays boys. Yeah.). She is lonely, with only Haine as a friend. She slowly develops through the manga to become less hard and less lonely through making friends within the student council and falling in love with Senri!! >__

Sometimes, when I’m in my shy mode in front of people, I become like Ushio: hard, quiet, unfriendly. I don’t mean to be. I just suddenly clam up when I meet people and stop talking! XD So basically, in the core, I am completely unlike Ushio, but sometimes, on the outside, we have our similarities.

But we say the same things: “I get good grades because I study.” but I’m less straightforward with anything to brag about…

I just admire her coolness and boldness. I love Ushio, she’s a great character, and I wish I could just be a bit more like her. I am pretty pathetic, and if just an inkling of her amazing aura to rub off on me I would improve greatly :) I’m not saying I want to be a player (God knows I’ll never be able to do that XD), I want to be like the cool, bold Ushio, and I want to be able to treat my friends like she treats Haine.


Mitsuki is amazing. She is able to keep smiling after all the pain and losses she’s gone through, and she is an amazing singer. Pure, optimistic, and very cute (not to mention kind hearted and selfless), she often saves the people around her with her kindness and surprising maturity for a twelve year old. Sometimes she shows a darker side, the hurt and the desperate longing for her love, Eichi.

She matures throughout the manga and is able to heal her wounds and find new love and friendship. Although we do have some similarities, I wish I could have her strength and her optimism. I really, really lack those things. ^__^

If your confused with the blonde in this picture and the black haired girl in the one above, I’ll explain:

Mitsuki is a strong 12-year old girl who has a dream to become a singer to find Eichi (her love in the US), despite the tumor in her throat. When two shinigamis appear and grant her wish, turning her into a healthy blonde sixteen year old (temporarily), she embarks on a road to pop star fame for one year before she dies.


First of all, one similarity you can’t tell just by looking is that we share birthdays! This is the first time I’ve shared a birthday with a fictional character, and I love that I have this connection with Maron. And now I love my birthday even more, even though it’s still during exam week DX

Second of all, Maron is an amazing character. Like Mitsuki, she is strong and kind, but she is also different. Maron is more athletic and has more obvious weaknesses, for her split parents and inexperience with love. Maron is easygoing, seemingly perfect, but very caring and surprisingly forgiving. I love her relationship with Chiaki, you can see many different sides of her when it comes to Chiaki. :)

Compared to Ushio, my personality is more similar to Maron’s, but we have many differences. First of all, it’s that athleticism thing. I am a pretty weak person, so I will never be able to compare to Arinacchi’s heroines. XD

I want to be braver, like Maron, and more outgoing like her as well. I can totally see Maron as the kind of person I want to be in the future. It’s like the “would-be self” in Shugo Chara.

Now here are some characters that I’m similar to but won’t go into much.


You can’t tell anything about my real personality by my blog, mind you. :P I seriously am the shyest person on earth (in person). And the biggest scaredycat and worrywart ever. I worry about almost everything (apparently, the things my mom considers important, I do not give a damn about XD) and I get scared easily. Very easily.

But you know, I don’t think there’s going to be a manga character like me, ever. :)

It’s alright, I can always change myself for the better.


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