Yumeiro Patissiere 06- Ringo Cakes and Otanjoubi!


I am not going to say anything this time. *__* you will have to see for yourself. It is a great thing that we get to meet all the princes’ sweets spirits thought. Took long enough. :P

Ok, here’s my disclaimer: I do not own Yumeiro Patissiere or these images, I got them from the internet and I linked every single one to where I got them from. I’m sorry if I’m breaking some rule because I’m really hazy about copyright laws.

06 “Birthday Party at Chirp-Chirp Preschool!”
“Piyopiyo Yōchien no Otanjōkai” (ぴよぴよ幼稚園のお誕生会)
November 8, 2009
Ichigo finds all three of the Sweets Princes also have accompanying Sweets Spirits. On a trip to a local preschool, Ichigo notices a little girl named Ringo that seems to be having trouble making friends, and promises her that she will make a cake that will help her to make friends with everyone else in the class.

OK, so we start off with being introduced to all the princes’ sweets spirits (finally).

So I am going to introduce them from left to right: Caramel (Andou), Vanilla (Ichigo), Chocolat (Kashino), Cafe (Hanabusa).

Then we see a shot of the three spiteful girls spying on the princes and Ichigo. We see an evil plan brewing.

The next day, Team A, B & C go to Piyo Piyo Kindergarten to deliver birthday cakes. Ichigo looks forward to this, until everybody gets mobbed by the kids.

Rumi is popular~ ;)

Haha, scared now, Ichigo-chan?

Of course this isn’t the first time they’ve visited the kindergarten (these kids even know everyone’s specialities), and Kashino gets mobbed by two boys, screaming: “Kashinooooo! Give me chocolate!!!”

LOL! XD Kashino is so cute when he’s like this, and it’s a very intimate moment between Ichigo and Kashino ;) Kya~ >__

But now it’s Kashino’s turn to hold Ichigo back as the boys suddenly get very intimate with Ichigo… :O

Whoaaaaa, panty flash! Tell me, what’s she wearing? XD

Of course. It’s Ichigo, after all. ^__^

Then Ichigo notices a lonely girl eating alone by the side and is about to go over when one of her classmates gets there first.

Turns out Koizumi-san is Ringo-chan’s onee-chan.

Ichigo then follows Ringo outside.

They have a talk, and Ichigo finds out why Ringo was always alone. After Koizumi came here to attend St. Marie, her whole family decided to move here as well (just recently, too). Ringo-chan has a hard time making friends.

Ichigo asks Ringo when her birthday is and finds out that it’s next month. Ringo tells Ichigo she loves apple and cream cake and that she misses her old school. Ichigo relates to Ringo’s feelings, being a newcomer herself, and decides to bake Ringo’s birthday cake.

Ichigo tells the princes that she wants to bake Ringo’s cake, and asks if she can design it. The princes agree to help her.

Ichigo has a hard time coming up with the design, going as far as to spy on Ringo at Piyo Piyo, dragging Koizumi with her.

Finally, she comes up with a cake design, and shows it to the princes.

Ichigo and the princes practice making the cake. The three jealous girls are shown planning something against Ichigo.

After Ichigo and the princes finish the cake, they head out to the store for some snacks. Caramel is put in charge of taking care of the cake.

The three mean girls enter the room and take pictures of Ichigo’s cake, and we find out that they’re planning to bake the exact same cake and show it first for Ayu’s birthday, embarrassing Ichigo when she shows up with the same cake.

When the day to celebrate Ayu and Ringo’s birthday finally comes, Kashino is saying how he could now do the cake with his eyes closed when they notice the mean girls carrying th exact same cake Ichigo designed.

The girls leave, triumphant. Ichigo and the princes are confused and upset.

Ichigo realizes what would happen to Ringo if they gave the same cake. Then Caramel appears, crying, saying that those girls were taking a picture of the cake that night but she didn’t stop them because she thought they were taking a picture because it was beautiful.

Ichigo is very upset.

Kashino then says they have one hour to come up with a new design. Ichigo stares at their cake, thinking of Ringo. Then suddenly, she says:


Yess!!!!! :D This was a great episode, which ended with a WTF because I totally wasn’t expecting the episode to end as a cliffhanger!! :O Woo! YumePati’s first cliffhanger episode! XD Although Yumeiro Patissiere is enjoyable, it’s just another one of those shoujo animes that always went like this: Ichigo overcoming an obstacle, everyone’s happy in the end. Yet…  A CLIFFHANGER!!! \O/


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