25th: 7 Days till Summer Ends- Manganime Characters You Can’t Stand


Ooh, finally! Characters that you can’t stand!! I don’t have any from Arinacchi (all her characters are awesome) but I still have characters I hate so…. >__

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters or pictures, I got them from the internet and linked them to where I got them from. Sorry if I’m breaking some rule, I’m hazy about copyright laws.

AND…… in no particular order, characters I can’t stand:


I bet you were expecting this XD Yes, I hate Tadase!! Not the manga Tadase (he redeemed himself at the end of the manga), I absolutely despise the anime Tadase.

Basically, he’s girly (and therefore unmanly, which I hate), super annoying and he gets in the way ALL THE TIME. Plus, despite loving Ikuto like a brother as a child, he misunderstood Ikuto once and swore to hate him forever, which I find appalling because it was such a stupid misunderstanding based on almost nothing, which shows how distrustful and horrible Tadase is. >:(

The only time I like him is after chara change. That’s when he becomes a psycho maniac who wants to rule the world! XD

Here’s a post that will explain everything: AMUTO OR TADAMU?

Err… that’s it. XD


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