6 Days till Summer Ends- Manganime Characters You Love


Yay! There are lots to put here! I won’t talk about them as much as I did in the previous posts (since there are so many). Instead, I will post quotes. ^__^

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters or pictures, I got them from the internet and linked them to where I got them from. I’m sorry if I’m breaking some rule here, I’m hazy about copyright laws.

Now… in no particular order, characters I love:

TSUKIYOMI IKUTO from Shugo Chara

 “You know, drinking milk doesn’t make your boobs get any bigger.” – Ikuto Tsukiyomi

“What are you talking about? Butts?” -Ikuto Tsukiyomi

“I’m dead.”
“I’m hurt.”
“Let me rest would ya.” – Ikuto Tsukiyomi

Don’t touch me in pervy places. My ears, its a weak spot. Same as you.” – Ikuto Tsukiyomi

If I could pretend and be someone else…maybe it’d be easier for me. This amusement park…we all used to come together. But its going to be torn down. I’ts going to end. The time we spend wondering which ride to get on first…it’s going to end.” – Ikuto Tsukiyomi

HOSHINA UTAU from Shugo Chara

Why do I sing? Is it for Ikuto? … No, I don’t think that’s it. In the beginning, way back then, singing was just fun. But now… I can’t see anything anymore. Not the moon, not the stars.” – Utau

Oh, what do you know? How could someone who does everything halfway, like you, possibly understand my suffering and sadness? Do you think you can change my life by talking to me?” – Utau

Fun songs, painful songs, love songs… facing the dazzling lights… I loved it all. I was entranced, my cheeks would turn red, and my eyes would park. The same eyes this child has.” – Utau

Thank you.” – Utau


Don’t get me wrong, I hate Tadase so much. Look at this post for my rantings about him: AMUTO OR TADAMU?

But I do like Tadase when he is chara changed, I think it’s hilarious. He becomes much more manly and crazy, unlike the sissy weak character he used to be.

Don’t address someone like me as “My prince!” I am not someone as insignificant as a prince. I am a king, do you understand? BWA HA HA HA HA HA!!!” – Hotori Tadase

MITSUKI KOYAMA from Full Moon wo Sagashite

“Eichi… I love you. Even now… stubbornly, somewhere in my heart… I wish I could return to those days. But I’d like to… take one more chance.

If… If before my life ends… I… can do my best…

… to sing… and to shine…

If someone found me… the me that grew to love… And that someone said he loved me…

If I had made up my mind to live for that person…

Even if I lost it all again… I could believe that things would be all right…

I would know… I could make the light shine once more.

The garden in sunlight… a mirage in the rain… a white beach… waves breaking… The fastest way… to a bird’s pie…

I will look for the full moon.”

Mitsuki Koyama

“These songs… are treasures.

Please keep them in a box…

Until I return one day with the key.

Yes. I… I… think I’ve found a place… Where I can shine.” – Mitsuki Koyama

MARON KUSAKABE from Kamikaze Kaitou JeanneI’m not… afraid of anything. And if I were, it would be of being hated by you.” – Maron

Actually, I have… a secret I can’t even tell God. There is one wish that… I want to come true. And maybe it can… with you. Just maybe… I can become faster than a shooting star.

No, I’m sure I can do it, in the end, no matter what happens.

God… I am a girl with a cursed fate. I’ve fallen in love with a boy… and I want to be happy.” – Maron

“I though everyone was my enemy. That’s why I couldn’t face my weakness. “Can somebody like you really live by yourself?” I was scared to death. Below my feet is a bottomless sea.

I hate myself when I can’t believe in other people.

I hate myself when I can’t believe in myself.

I hate myself when I’m so scared that I lash out and hurt other people.

Chiaki… are you crying?


“I can’t stand the though of you going away.” Then… I don’t have to leave?

I can stay? It’s okay for me to stay here?

I… want to stay here.” – Maron

“I don’t need a sword. I’m a pacifist! I don’t need any decorations, either. I always want to be me, as I really am. I finally got the courage I was after. And here are the words I wanted to hear. “It’s okay to cry… because now I’m not alone!”” – Maron

USHIO AMAMIYA from Shinshi Doumei Cross

“My grades are good because I study.” – Ushio

“Don’t misunderstand. I’m here meeting a guy.” – Ushio

“Am I satisfied? No. Not only does my heart feel empty, slowly, it’s beginning to get thirsty.  Even though Haine is by my side… even though she’s so close to me… “I just want to see you smile.” Why… can’t I… smile?” – Ushio

“I won’t look for you in the woods anymore. I’ll open my eyes and meet a lot of people in this white world. But… I’ll contine to walk with you.”

HAINE OTOMIYA from Shinshi Doumei Cross

“That smile is so unfair. Even though I told myself not to think about you, you keep making it so difficult to keep you out of my mind.” – Haine


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